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ended its fifth season on a high note, with a darkly comedic episode that perfectly concluded all the jokes it set-up throughout the season. Well, a high note for viewers. Selina went out on an extremely low note. Not only is she not president, but she’s not even vice president—a she first dismissed, then scrambled to secure. No, in a shocking twist of events, even though the vote did go to the Senate, Tom James did not win. O’Brien’s VP pick Laura Montez is the new president.

Apparently Doyle masterminded the entire thing. He orchestrated a tie in the Senate, because if the Senate vote ties, the President of the Senate (aka the Vice President) casts the deciding vote. I can’t believe someone actually knew and understood all the crazy rules that came with a tied election, but whatever. Montez promised him Secretary of State if she won. Selina promised him the same thing, but he correctly points out that she offered it to everyone in town. To add insult to injury, Montez hires Charlie Baird to be her Secretary of the Treasury. And because this show isn’t allowing Selina to have any wins, Montez gets credit for freeing Tibet. The Chinese announce their decision minutes after she’s sworn into office, ignoring all the time and effort Selina put into negotiating the deal because she’s no longer in power.


Jonah’s subplot this episode is pretty great. He instructs Richard to hire some hot interns, but failed to be specific. Richard comes back with hot male interns. At first, Jonah is angry, but when the dreamy Colt makes him a delicious latte, he decides to keep them on staff, eventually bro-ing out with them and “roughhousing”. Colt accidentally hits him in the testicles, prompting him to go to the hospital, where he learns that he has a lump down there. It would have been caught through regular self-exams, but Jonah didn’t follow his own motto of “check ‘em, don’t neglect ‘em.” What a deliciously ironic twist of fate.

Gary is also excellent in this episode. Last season, Amy freaked out with an epic speech taking down Selina. This season, Gary loses his shit on the staff, telling them, “You fuckers. How dare you? That magnificent woman counted on you and you losers let her down.” To Tom James: “You screwed her the worst. In all the ways.” He concludes his speech but saying “At least I cared! I did my . I fucking cared.” Poor Gary. What is he going to do now?

The other staffers seem to have plans lined up. Both Kent and Ben go to a literary agency, although we don’t learn what types of projects they’re pitching. Dan gets a commentating for CNN, but later accepts an offer from CBS, after clarifying that they were really CBS, the Columbia Broadcasting System, and not CVS. And Amy has a boyfriend! Buddy from Nevada, who seems to be good for her. Sue is hired by Montez—she only kept one staffer on, and of course it was Sue. The only staffer who I’m worried about is Mike, who doesn’t seem to have a lined up. His Chinese “baby” also arrived, but ending up being a six-year-old girl, who Mike hilariously carries about strapped to his chest, despite the fact that a girl that big can definitely walk.


In another hilarious , Katherine gets a new stylist and new look, one that I can only described as Real Housewives-esque, all glossy hair and tight, shiny clothes. The hard drive to her film is missing, but no one owns up to stealing it. Selina takes off on a helicopter after inauguration, but the helicopter malfunctions and they’re forced to land. She really, really can’t win.

Now that Selina doesn’t hold any type of office, has no legacy, and was voted the 43rd most effective president in Kent’s flash poll of presidential scholars, only beating out James Buchanan, what’s next for her and the show? Following her trying to adjust to civilian life could be amusing—she says that she doesn’t even remember how to drive—but also seems like a one-season premise. And I never want this show to end. Overall, I think this was Veep’s strongest season yet.

Season 5, Episode 10 (S05E10)
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