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Episode: Season 5, Episode 2 (S05E2)


Tweetable Takeaway: Selina makes a questionable romantic decision on #Veep  

Love is in the air on , as Selina meets with John Slattery’s Charlie Baird for a quick banking task force. Oh, you’re like Kent and don’t get the innuendo? Selina and Charlie hook up. It’s supposed to be a one-time thing, especially after Selina finds out that he’s been meeting with O’Brien about a Cabinet position, but of course reporters catch wind of the budding relationship almost instantly. “Nev-AD-a” is another strong episode, although a bit slower than last week’s season premiere.

Let’s start at the beginning. It’s 5 am in Nevada, and Selina wakes Amy up to discuss the recount. She doesn’t know if she wants to include the Native American precincts—or as she puts it, she’s having reservations about the reservations. It’s the first in a string of iffy racial jokes. She quips that a six-year-old Asian kid could fix the video chat and she and her advisors discuss just how Hispanic O’Brien’s running mate Montez actually is.


Anyways, O’Brien announces that he’s tapped political all-star Whitman to run his recount efforts, so Ben suggests his old mentor Bob Bradley, a good ol’ boy who calls Richard “Affirmative Action Jackson” and spouts folksy nonsense like “I can lead a horse to water, but I can’t milk it.” The staff doesn’t seem to know whether to be charmed or offended, but once Selina starts laughing they follow suit.

In Nevada, if they win the recount sample by 512 votes, it will trigger a state-wide recount. Richard is simply delightful in his new leadership role. When Dan tells a staffer to file the paperwork on time or “find a rattlesnake and shove it up your dick hole because that’ll be more fun than what I’ll do to you”, Richard follows it with “And drive safely.” Jonah is still bitter, however.

The recount efforts are tense, with Dan and Amy’s efforts to win votes for Selina bringing out the best of their ingenuity. When examining write-in votes, they come across a ballot that reads “Fuck Selina Meyer. However, Dan claims to see a comma, and that makes it a positive statement or as Amy says, a show of the voter’s “earthy but unambiguous support” for Selina. Later in the episode, there’s a hilarious moment where Senator Roger Furlong is brought in to drum up support. He unleashes a stream of insults and profanity upon the poor election official, who promptly bursts into tears. Amy takes a moment, telling her “when you’re ready…we would like to vigorously contest your ruling.”

Meanwhile, back in D.C., Selina takes over Tom’s banking task force, sending him to go eat brunch with volunteers. There, she meets Charlie Baird, a smooth-talking Wall Streeter who tells Selina not to worry about a divorced colleague, as Brooks Brothers sews pre-nups into their suits. She’s instantly taken by him, and wants to arrange another meeting, which Ben advises against. There’ll be plenty of time for banking task forces when she’s safely re-elected. Poor Kent is completely out of the loop, suggesting a banking task force with a woman to change things up.


Selina ignores Ben and invites Charlie over again. Charlie seems worried that Gary doesn’t like him, but Selina tells him “that’s like saying a cat doesn’t like you, or that table doesn’t like you”. She gives him a West Wing tour, culminating with the saucy pick-up line, “wanna see the residences?”

The news comes in that Team Meyer has won the recount sample! A statewide recount will now go into effect. Tom James comes into her office and acts suspiciously kind and friendly. Ben realizes that he must think that Selina will win Nevada. Selina celebrates, but Mike, weakened by his master cleanse (which Ben points out sounds like Nazi domestic policy) has to face reporters who have just learned that Charlie has been at the White House for secret .

In Nevada, Amy too decides that she wants to get some, high from the recent victory, and she flirts with Dan. It seems as if the two are going to hook up, but at the last minute Dan goes for Amy’s sister Sophie instead, thinking that she works at CBS, when really it’s CVS. I can’t wait to see his reaction when he finds out his mistake.



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