“Vegas Dave” Biopic In the Works About Star Sports Bettor Banned from Las Vegas Casinos (Exclusive)


Vegas Dave

A feature film based on the incredible true story of Vegas Dave, aka , is in the works with (Cut Throat City) writing the script, the Tracking Board has exclusively learned.

(Office Uprising) and are producing under their new banner. They’re currently putting together the financing for the film, which follows one of the most successful sports bettors of all time, Vegas Dave, who has been banned from most of the major casinos in Las Vegas.

Oancea grew up in Hawaii, and while that might sound like paradise to most, he felt there were very few entrepreneurial opportunities on the island. So even though his parents urged him to go to college, he decided to move to Vegas in the hopes of becoming a professional sports bettor.

Armed with a $10,000 student loan, Oancea hit the roulette table and bet all of it on red. When he won, he used that money to build a sports empire. The budding bettor has won and lost million of dollars multiple times, developing a habit that landed him in Gamblers Anonymous.

The program helped Oancea realize that while he had skill as a bettor, he wasn’t as good at managing his own money. With his finances now in order, he says he has developed a way to beat the books, and beat them bad.

In two of the biggest wins in sports betting history, Oancea won $2.5 million after betting long-shot odds that the Kansas City Royals would win the 2015 World Series, and he also won $2.3 million when the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl in 2016.

That’s when the casinos began to notice his success and refused to pay the money that Oancea believes he won fair and square. “There were no issues when I was losing money, only when I started winning.” The ensuing back-and-forth has has resulted in a court case involving 19 felony charges against Oancea, which he calls “bogus.” To that end, he has turned down a plea deal and hired three top attorneys to defend him.

“Most casinos are corrupt and they bully you. I’m just standing up for my constitutional rights,” said Oancea, who insists he’s gambling by the book. He claims most pro bettors gamble offshore to avoid paying taxes on their winnings, whereas he recently paid $200,000 in taxes one year.

“I used to live a pretty fast-paced life, and everyone always told me my life should be a movie. But I’m 40 now. My life isn’t like that anymore,” said Oancea.

Cuschieri is represented by Jon Levin at and attorney David Krintzman.

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  1. Vegas Dave is the BIGGEST DOUCHE BAG LIAR in state of Nevada. He loses just as much as he wins and he just makes money off of a sucker clients that by his system that never really wins he loses three games and then when’s the 4th came and we’ll call it a win how the hell is that possible he is horrible do not spend money on this guy he takes advantage of people steal he owes money all over Las Vegas he will go to jail soon hopefully. And he’s a midget too..

  2. Sounds like Joe in the comment above is jealous!

    Think about Joe – if he ALWAYS LOSES (as you said) then why would the casinos ban him?!? They’d happily take his money every time.

    Just my 2-cents observation at a glance.

  3. I introduced Dave to a local. Got paid 30k 2 weeks in a row. Then stiffed for 50k in week 3. Cried he had to go to gamblers anonymous. Dave mad his money hustling mortgages at JFK Financial during the bad loan blitz. He’s a well known loser as far as the bookies are concerned. As is any gambling addict.

  4. Vegas Dave has been nothing but genuine and a class act in all of my dealings with. Any pro gambler is going to have ups and down and piss some guys off and owe some money along the way. I’m sure Dave paid his dues!!! He seems to be in a good place and doing real well. I love the thought of watching a ball game knowing a victory brings me 2.5 million, only Dave had the balls to make this a reality! He should be very proud of what he has accomplished! Good luck Dave, we don’t have to win them all just win more then we lose, that’s hard enough!!!

  5. I know Dave Oancea (aka Vegas Dave) personally and have know him for the last 9 years. My cousin (Junior) was his bodyguard (and no longer his bodyguard because he doesn’t pay what he said he would) for almost two years from 2013-2015. All the horror stories you hear about Dave are true: liar, scam artist, misogynist, cheat.

    He came to Vegas years ago with money and was bad at gambling. He developed a sports handicapping scheme in which he gives system picks (aka martingale system…GOOGLE IT) and charges for it. He makes most of his money off this system through customers who pay for season packages. His gambling system successful in the long run because 1 loss (after 4 system play defeats results in at least 16 unit loss); I should know, he gave me his system picks for a while but I couldn’t stand the losing in the end. He’s stiffed bookies and has lied about his gambling record.

    Don’t let Dave twist you up with his words about his legal case. He’s been indicted on 19 charges for a case that was worked by the state & F.B.I. for months because he was caught (and since confirmed) using fake or stolen social security numbers to place bets. I also know the law firm (which doesn’t do criminal defense) here in Vegas that is supposedly defending him.

    He was named in a domestic violence case because he hit my friend, Danica Parker, who he paid to be seen with at the time (a 3 month period); she’s a model here in Vegas.

    He also stiffed my cousin (Junior Manu), who was his bodyguard for two years. He still owes my cousin around $ 7,000 for two months of work.

    Take it from me, you’re better of not knowing him or his life story because it’s sickening to know he defrauded so many people and turned his back on those who were hired to protect him. -Matua

  6. Dave Oancea is a scam artist. It’s that plain in simple and I have true stories to back it up. I’m a VIP host at Marquee and i’ve dealt with Vegas Dave with the last 3 years. I even recently went to Cabo San Lucas in May 2017 (check his instagram and you’ll see pics of us from those dates) so i’ve dealt with him recently.

    Dave pays for image. He rents hot girls to be seen with him in Cabo, Las Vegas, or even at major sporting events. He pays for bottle service to be seen with these paid girls (usually cocktail waitresses who won’t give into sex with him but won’t turn down a $ 1,000/night appearance fee) and guys who aren’t really his friends but don’t mind the free bottle service and meals he pays for

    Why would I tell you these facts!? Because he’s scum. He stiffed me on business that he promised me funding on by saying that all his money is frozen. I invested money and was counting on this guy to finance a business that he recommended that we start. I did all the legwork and when it comes time to open shop, he stuck me with the bill and doesn’t return me or my laywers calls. Personally, I was never his friend because he does have a gambling problem and does drugs.

    And oh yeah, anyone who buys his betting packages is a sucker. His system is a chase system and i’ve lost big through it.

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