is the cult favorite tv show from , who’s partial frustration with losing his show gave us the equally great “Party Down”. Veronica Mars lasted from 2004-2007 and revolved around the titular hero (played by ) who functioned as her high school’s unofficial sleuth. It’s borderline procedural-ness mixed wonderfully with season long arcs (that changed each season) and gave us something truly rare. A drama that was equal parts funny, serious and innovative. The first two seasons were pure gold, while the third suffered from classic switching from highschool to college disease that’s plagued many other once great shows (see: Saved by the Bell, any other young show that went on way too long).

Anyhow, through the magic of Kickstarter, there will now be a (much needed) conclusion to the saga of everyone’s favorite petite, blonde sleauth. Not only is that crazy news, what’s even more insane is that the proposed 2 million is almost nearly funded (1.7mil last time we checked) and it just went up TODAY. That’s some serious crowd sourcing.

Even better than all of that (in my opinion) is the embedded hilarious kickstarter video that brings back some of our favorite characters from the show.

But enough of my jabbering, WATCH (and then donate):


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