Verve Shopping Hot Spec “Invasion,” a Home Invasion Movie Set During an Alien Invasion



Verve and Industry Entertainment are out with the hot spec from John Swetnam and Harris Wilkinson, the Tracking Board has learned.

Major directors are already circling the project, though we’ve been asked to keep their names out of the press — for now — since all but one of them is destined to lose out on the juicy gig.

According to sources familiar with the script, it’s a home invasion movie set during an alien invasion. That’s a hell of a premise, and it kind of reminds me of Jac Schaeffer’s script The Shower, which is an alien invasion movie crossed with a baby shower comedy — but a lot darker, of course. The Shower has Anne Hathaway attached to star and produce, and I could see Invasion attracting similar A-list talent.

There’s another script that’s out to talent right now that’s a twist on an alien invasion movie, and that’s Matt Silverman’s Cumulus, which is a heist movie set during an alien invasion that forces the thieves to take cover in the very bank they just robbed. Silverman is starting to hear from reps, though he remains unsigned as of this writing.

Swetnam has sold several before, like Ruthless to Amblin, and this one also seems poised for a sale in the hands of Verve’s and Industry’s . With studios starting to circle, stay tuned for more…

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