Vince Vaughn Enlists For Mel Gibson-Directed WWII Drama


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will join Andrew Garfield and Sam Worthington in Mel Gibson’s World War II drama . The true war story follows Desmond Doss, the first conscientious objector in American history to receive the Medal of Honor. Garfield will star as Doss, while Vaughn will portray Sgt. Howell, a non-commissioned officer whose is to prepare the soldiers for battle, pushing them to their limits. Howell and Doss become on contentious terms after Doss declares that he will not shoot and kill the enemy, challenging everything that Howell knows about war.

Gibson will helm the picture, with a script hailing from Robert Schenkkan and Randall Wallace. Bill Mechanic and David Permut will produce, with Terry Benedict and Steve Longi serving in a co-producing capacity. The biopic has long been in preproduction, having formally been set up at Walden Media with Randall Wallace in line to direct, and prior to that was active at Disney with Terry Benedict hired to script.

Vaughn’s casting fits in line with the former funnyman’s current trend of dramatic roles, starting with his stint on HBO’s hit drama True Detective, which is currently wrapping up its final episodes. He also recently appeared in the comedy Unfinished Business, opposite Dave Franco. Up next, he’ll star alongside Hailee Steinfeld in Universal’s crime drama Term Life, where he’ll play a father attempting to survive a mob hit in order to gain health insurance for his daughter.

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