Watch the “Walking Dead” Season 8 Trailer Just Unveiled at Comic Con (Video)


Rick, Daryl and the gang find new and creative ways to battle Negan, zombies and other dangers in the nearly six-minute long trailer for Season 8 of just unveiled at the San Diego Comic Con Friday.

“I hope you got your sh–ting pants on…” is how Negan starts off the trailer, and while context-less scenes follow in rapid succession, the ending of the trailer did give fans a star or two.

While most of the scenes teased an adaptation of the “All Out War” storyline from Robert Kirkman’s comic book, which inspired the show, the final image seemed to tease a different storyline altogether: A time jump, as Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is seen as a much older man.

Old Man Rick is a familiar image to comic book readers, though some are left wondering just what this means for the show, whether it’s a dream or fantasy sequence, or rather a huge time jump really is on the horizon as early as this season.

All will start to be answered when The Walking Dead returns for Season 8 on Sunday, October 22 on AMC.

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