WB TV Teams With Gulfstream to Land Hot Property ENCYCLOPEDIA DAD in Preemptive Deal (Exclusive)


Encylopedia Dad

WB TV and have landed the rights to the hot new short story from newcomer , marking the first big sale stemming from digital platform Medium.com. The project, which is being pitched as a high concept family themed tale in the vein of This is Us, centers on a young boys discovery of who his father was, and the lessons he hopes to pass down to his son via a series of informative and touching DVDs left behind after his death. Riley, who kicks off his with this sale, will serve in a producing capacity alongside and of Gulfstream (the later of whom shepherded the project up the ladder after ), and is already in talks with publishers about expanding the original story into a book. But for those of you eager to read the original short, give it a read now.

Medium.com, which made news earlier this week when a post entitled “The Rock Test: A Hack for Men Who Don’t Want To Be Accused of Sexual Harassment” went viral, has become one of the fastest growing digital platforms for storytellers and bloggers alike, and with previous blockbusters The Martian and Arrival both originating from a digital platform, there’s no doubt Hollywood will start to take note.

Riley is represented by of and of .


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