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For the third year, We for She has released it’s WriteHer List. The list highlights the industry’s favorite television scripts written by women and depicting female-driven stories. This year, the list includes one of the Launch Pad’s own alums, , for her script The Letters. She was also featured earlier this year on the Bitch List, which highlights scripts that pass the Bechdel Test.


See the complete list of 2017 WriterHer List scripts below.

2017 WriteHer List


Logline: A Chinese woman adopted by a white family and raised in the Midwest, has her world turned upside down when her biological mother arrives from China to reconnect.
Genre: Half Hour
Reps: , Rina Brannen


Logline: A recent widow and society matron, brought together by a secret from their past, realize that in order to survive their golden years, they’ll need to work together and bring a failing marijuana bakery to new heights.
Genre: One Hour


Logline: Blackthorn follows Davion Littlefield, an investigative journalist and TV host, after the suspicious death of someone she loves. Hell bent on finding the truth at any cost, Davion thrusts herself into a dangerous rabbit hole of military secrets and conspiracies.
Genre: One Hour
Reps: Abrams Artists, Manal Hammad
Echo Lake Management, Chelsea Benson


Logline: In El Salvador, Carmen is a respected physician. In Los Angeles, she’s just another underpaid Latina competing for babysitting and cleaning jobs. In Los Angeles, Jamie was a well-to-do mother of two. When Keith left, she was just another divorcee’ with court-ordered child support and a non-compliant ex. Carmen is pissed off but needs work. Jamie is broke but needs help. If you overlook culture, ego, personality, and resentment from the kids… it’s a perfect fit.
Genre: Half Hour
Reps: Gersh, Jeff Greenberg


Logline: Cleo is about Cleopatra before Cleopatra. It imagines the Egyptian queen’s teenage years, meeting the most powerful woman who ever lived at the time when she was least powerful. This show is about what doesn’t appear in history books: Cleopatra’s origin story.
Genre: One Hour
Reps: , Amanda Burnett and Mickey Berman
, Elana Barry


Logline: When Ayesha, a young Muslim girl in rural Nevada, is pulled into an FBI investigation of her community, she turns to a demon for help.
Genre: One Hour
Reps: , Angela Dallas
Laurelmont Management, Gerardo Machado


Logline: Set in the 12th century, amidst endless war and conflict, Eleanor of Aquitaine is destined to become the only woman to sit on the thrones of both France and England. Married against her will, Eleanor is a rebel who will shape her own future and change history forever.
Genre: One Hour
Reps: Gersh, David Rubin and Sean Barclay


Logline: Ex-Olympian Rosalie tends to be her injured housebound aunt and finds new purpose in life, fighting crime in the neighborhood and driving the local cops crazy in the process.
Genre: One Hour
Reps: , Lily Safran
*UTV attached


Logline: In the aftermath of her boyfriend’s mysterious disappearance, comedian struggles to get her life back on track with the help of a gratitude coach and a pansexual millennial YouTube star.
Genre: Half Hour
Reps: Vanguard Management Group, Tom Harrison


Logline: After a feminist ad exec discovers she is inadvertently having an office affair with her college ex-bestfriend’s husband, she allows her trainwreck ex-bestie and her two daughters to move in to make it up to them.
Genre: Half Hour
Reps: Viewfinder Management, Robin Budd


Logline: Jordan, 16, lost her best friend, David, nine months ago in a mass shooting. The series explores how she and her single mom, Paula, 36, deal with their new reality and struggle to move forward with their day-to-day lives.
Genre: One Hour
Reps: Paradigm, Doug Fronk, Debbee Klein, and Doug Fronk
Fineman Entertainment, Dana Jackson
*Jennifer Lynch is attached to direct. Olive Bridge Entertainment is attached to produce.


Logline: A Park Avenue OB-GYN whose alcoholism nearly destoyed her career must struggle to stay sober, employed, and sane in the red suburbs of Pennsylvania after accepting a controversial job at one of the few remaining women’s health clinics in the country that performs abortions after 22 weeks.
Genre: One Hour
Reps: , Amanda Burnett, Lily Safran, and Matt Baldovsky
Rain Management Group, Garrett Greer


Logline: When her mother mysteriously disappears, an honor roll student must forge a new path – one that takes her from prep school princess to drug queen pin.
Genre: One Hour YA
Reps: Echo Lake Entertainment, Amotz Zakai


Logline: A family drama set in an alternative future where the U.S. has established a one child policy, and twins, not exempt fom the rule, are split up via a special adoption process.
Genre: One Hour
Reps: ICM, Taryn Ariel
Kaplan Perrone, Hannah Ozer


Logline: A 15-year-old, obese teenager uses her sarcasm and dry wit to survive the woes of high school, but that won’t help her stay alive.
Genre: One Hour
Reps: Niad Management, Wendi Niad


Logline: A viral video, revealing the suicide of a fourteen year old girl, instigates an Interpol investigation. Silo is an international mystery connecting people from all over the world that evokes the examination of the pervasive evils propagated by social media and the internet.


Logline: After a devastating earthquake hits Venezuela, Dr. Ellen Bennett and her tetam of experts but their lives on hold to help save others, but Ellen’s haunted memories threaten to destory not only the amazing work they’re doing, but her entire world.
Genre: One Hour
Reps: Echo Lake Entertainment, Zadoc Angell

2017 Ones to Watch


Logline: The story of four women in a small Mid-West American town that will soon be left with the only abortion clinic in the state.
Genre: One Hour
Reps: Hung Entertainment, Jonathan Hung
*Co-created with Jen McGowan


Logline: After discovering her mother’s extensive correspondence with a notorious serial killer, Violet Bryce finds herself entangled in family secrets when a similar murder occurs in her own backyard.
Genre: One Hour
Reps: Echo Lake Entertainment, Zadoc Angell


Logline: Marjorie has spent the last decade as an assistant to a celebrity chef and a wife to her high school sweetheart. Now in her 30’s, she’s finally ready to admit that she wants a culinary career of her own… and a divorce.
Genre: Half Hour
Reps: Grandview, Laura Leonard and Meridith Bajana


Logline: When straight-laced Kat Campbell goes off the deep end after the death of her best friend, she lands herself in juvi where her fellow reprobates teach her that life isn’t so black and white.
Genre: One Hour


Logline: When her girlfriend goes missing on the even of her debutante ball, outsider Maya Bishop must unlock the generations-old secrets of her deceased parents and the dark voodoo underbelly of the town she hates to uncover what happened to the love of her life in this supernatural, multi-generational teen drama.
Genre: One Hour
Reps: Wirehouse Entertainment, Jessica Jordan

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