WEEKEND BOX OFFICE (10.13.14) — “Gone,” Baby, Gone


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What do you know — with all the hubbub and confusion of this weekend’s box office, it was the drama off screen that dominated the weekend. The venerable Box Office Mojo went down for about a day, redirecting to IMDb, and leading everyone with an interest in box office journalism — myself included — to collectively lose it. But now Mojo is back, the weekend estimates are in, and it’s time to get back to business.

This week’s top five is pretty much as I predicted, with the exception of Alexander and Annabelle, which did slightly better and slightly worse than projected, respectively. Gone Girl took the weekend for the second week running fairly handily, making it the first R-rated drama to do so since Shutter IslandDracula Untold, meanwhile, held its own in the #2 spot. It remains to be seen whether that (and the current international haul of $62.6 million), will be enough for Universal to move forward with its plans to use Dracula to launch its Marvel-style shared universe of monsters. Finally, The Judge came in fifth with a modest $13.3 million, more-or-less on par with the more modest predictions.

Next week, we’ll finally get some sanity back in the box office, with only three new releases: Nicholas Sparks adaptation The Best of Me, animated fantasy The Book of Life, and David Ayers’ war movie Fury. Stop by on Thursday for the Tracking Board’s official predictions.

#1 Weekend = $26.8 Million Total = $78.281 Million
#2 Weekend = $23.457 Million Total = $23.457 Million
#3 ALEXANDER AND THE TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY Weekend = $19.1 Million Total = $19.1 Million
#4 Weekend = $16.365 Million Total = $62.156 Million
#5 Weekend = $13.33 Million Total = $13.33 Million

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