Weekend Box Office (10.27.14) — “Ouija” W-I-N-S the Weekend


by: Madelyn Glymour | Contributor

As expectedOuija took the weekend handily, pulling in about $20 million. John Wick, meanwhile, didn’t do quite as well as we predicted, but it did take second place, with a few million more than tracking had indicated. Hopefully the strong positive reviews will keep it in the running next week. Fury dropped a respectable 45 percent from its first week, landing in third, while Gone Girl and The Book of Life took fourth and fifth, respectively. As predicted, the last two did very similar numbers — they’re separated by only a million — but Gone Girl held on to more of its audience than expected in its fourth week.

Also of note, though it’s not in the top five, is St. Vincent, which expanded nationwide this week after two weeks in limited release. The Bill Murray dramedy made a significant amount, considering its low budget and profile — it was actually in the top five on Friday — and made it to sixth place with $8 million.

Next weekend is Halloween, and the new movies out are thrilling, if not exactly spooky; we’ll see Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler, Nicole Kidman in Before I Go to Sleep, and a lot of blood (and grime and rust) in the 10th anniversary Saw rerelease. Check in Thursday for our official predictions.

#1 OUIJA Weekend = $20.006 Million Total = $20.006 Million
#2 JOHN WICK Weekend = $14.15 Million Total = $14.15 Million
#3 FURY Weekend = $13 Million Total = $46.05 Million
#4 GONE GIRL Weekend = $11.1 Million Total = $124.093 Million
#5 THE BOOK OF LIFE Weekend = $9.8 Million Total = $29.913 Million