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  • THE SPEC MARKET: The most comprehensive database, tracking, coverage and analysis of the entire spec market. Covering over 5,000 specs, pitches, and film rights as they hit the market, with every writer, agent, manager, and company involved from the day they hit the market to the finish line.
  • BREAKING NEWS & EXCLUSIVES: Covering the latest breaking news and coverage on new projects, casting, deals, and all things film, television, industry and entertainment. If you want it first, get it here before anyone else.
  • REVIEWS & COVERAGE: Covering hundreds of shows and films daily, with pre-release reviews, recaps, and opinion pieces from mainstream releases, hit shows, indies, streaming, festivals and awards.
  • JOBS & INTERNSHIPS: With over 8,000 jobs posted here before anyone else, get instant access to all of our exclusive job and intern listings. Whether seeking an executive position, assistant position, or starting your career; find your next job here before anywhere else.
  • THE SALES MARKET: With one of the most robust databases of in development projects covering the last decade, we track thousands of projects you won’t find anywhere else, with every person and company involved, as well as history of the projects, and details on how it was set up. Sort by spec sales, adaptations, reboots, remakes, or even by company and get the most advanced look at what projects Hollywood is making today.
  • SPEC BOOKS: Instant access to our annual spec books, each over 300 pages of in depth tracking of every spec, writer, agent, manager, genre and company from each year, as well as in-depth analysis, tracking, trends and reports from the year, and five years prior.
  • BOX OFFICE: From industry elite tracking, to predictions, actuals, and analysis, we cover every arena of the box office and keep you up to date on what’s hot, what’s not, where audiences are going, and what critics prefer.
  • INTERVIEWS: From awards season red carpets and new release junkets to Showrunners, writers, executives, agents and managers, we provide a comprehensive mix of perspectives from every arena of the entertainment industry.
  • OPINION & ANALYSIS: Weekly coverage on where the industry is going, what the biggest news of the week was, and what we can learn from the past. A mix of opinion, reflection, and trending coverage on the industry as a whole.
  • OWA & ODA TRACKING: Extensive tracking, grids, and details on every opening writing assignment and open directing assignment as they happen. With easy to search options, find out which projects the industry needs to fill as soon as they enter development.
  • HEAT METERS: Instant updates, news and reports on every hot project on the Spec Market. Whether a spec script, pitch, or film rights, we provide up to the minute new and alerts helping you track what’s happening with each individual project as it begins to become a package, assign territories, or enter a bidding war.
  • VIP INVITATIONS & PARTY GRIDS: From Sundance to Comic Con, The Oscars to Cannes, we provide the most comprehensive party lists, and all of the details on how to RSVP to them before anyone else, and guarantee you’re at the hottest events and networking opportunities Hollywood has to offer.
  • THE HIT LIST / THE YOUNG & HUNGRY LIST: Home to two of the most influential annual lists tracking the hottest new writers, spec scripts and projects of the year. With early access to the list, as well as complete coverage on all those voted for, how they got there, and how they compare to other annual lists, we provide an unparalleled insider look to what made these the best of the year.
  • THE LAUNCH PAD: The fastest growing, and most influential writing competition and coverage provider around. With over 115 writers signed and 50 projects set up in the first years of the competition, this has become the hub for discovering the writers of tomorrow. With hundreds of industry professionals signing on to judge and read, we provide instant access to Hollywood for every writer. Every member earns discounts on every submission, early access, and additional coverage and analysis on the competitions and everyone involved.
  • FORUMS & BULLETINS: Join a professional community of over 25,000 professionals and aspiring voices, featuring executives, producers, agents, managers, writers, directors and assistants. Join the conversation and begin your own industry tracking.

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But don’t just take our word for it. See what others had to say about THE TRACKING BOARD.

From Industry Insiders:

“The Tracking Board is the most popular tracking site for reps and producers throughout Hollywood and beyond… It is the premiere source for spec news across the market and their news coverage is a must read for anyone looking to stay on top of the industry…”

Brooklyn Weaver — Energy Entertainment

Some of the writers discovered at The Tracking Board

“Every writer who takes their craft seriously has a set of trusted eyes they show their work to for honest feedback. But, you still need a set of professional eyes that have no connection to you or your feelings. The Tracking Board served that need for me. Even though their coverage of MARROW was glowing, their constructive feedback helped me make it even better, and the script making their ‘Tracking Board Recommends’ list was instrumental in signing new representation and making MARROW my most widely read and well received spec ever. I simply can not say enough about how valuable a tool The Tracking Board has become.”

Erik W. Van Der Wolf — Writer of “Marrow” (In Development at Train Bridge Films)

“I joined Tracking Board initially just to get the latest insider news, but it wasn’t long before I discovered there existed a great community of writers from all different stages of their careers to boot. But of course, the most impressive aspect of Tracking Board (as I found out, in a bit of a whirlwind process), was its ability to provide an “in” for outsiders like myself. What I mean is — not everyone lives in L.A., not everyone “knows someone” in the business. But I have always believed that great writing is great writing, and no matter where you’re from, or what your background is — if you want it bad enough, and work hard enough, it will show and good things will happen eventually. TB is the perfect example of a team that not only understands this, but has the resources, screenwriting understanding, and connections to make it happen for literally ANY writer, provided they can bring the goods. My script was Recommended on a Friday, and within a matter of hours, I had a half dozen parties from Hollywood wanting to talk to me. The next e-mail I got — was a list of no less than 40 different managers, agents, and production companies (all from the very top tiers) interested in my TB Recommended script. Trust me when I say these guys can and will gladly be the ambassadors to your screenwriting dreams.”

Dan Dollar — Writer of “The Boy and His Tiger” (In Development at Warner Bros./Appian Way/Romark/Vertigo)

“To quantify how much Tracking-board.com has helped my writing career this year would be immeasurable. Without the “TB Recommend” honors from TB, I wouldn’t have connected with so many industry professionals who became fans of my work. Now, I am truly in the game, collaborating on viable projects for 2013 and beyond. Not only has TB helped put me on the map, they have also provided my writing the “street cred” and guidance needed to be taken seriously in Hollywood. When TB believes in you and your material, they will fight for you to the end. Whether it comes to finding representation or promoting your work, you can totally count on them to be in your corner every step of the way. I still can’t believe how many people recognize my name now thanks to TB. That kind of passion and enthusiasm is something you don’t see often here in Tinseltown”

Michael Perri — Writer of “Nexxus” (NBC’s Writers On The Verge Writing Fellowship)

“I cannot recommend TB more highly. Thanks to their TB Recommends program, my work was exposed to producers and representation in LA, Europe, and South-East Asia. Not too shabby for a writer currently based out of New Zealand. The peace of mind of getting independent eyes on your material before sending it out to your professional network is invaluable, and the feedback provided was thoughtful, constructive, and most importantly, written from an industry/market perspective.”

Mukilan Thangamani — Writer of “Divorce Party” (In Development at Enderby Entertainment)

“It was amazing to have my work sent out and actually taken it seriously. Right away, I got a ton of emails from people requesting to see the script and all these random people I had met before emailed me and wanted to meet again.” 

Kate Trefry — Writer of “Pure O” (Signed with Silent R Management and UTA)