What Makes Pixar Films Relatable (Things We Love)



Within Pixar’s extensive catalog of films, there have been plenty of hits (Toy Story, Inside Out) and a one or two misses (The Good Dinosaur). But even its less-than-successful movies are great in their own right.

Since its inception the animation juggernaut has broken the mold when it comes to technology, art, and most of all storytelling. Through all of the flash, CG-infused bells and whistles, Pixar has still managed to have movies that have more soul than a lot of those live-action duds out there. They continue to tell a heartfelt, relatable stories via plastic toys, talking cars, and a clownfish. Just in time for the release of Finding Dory, YouTube user kaptainkristian made this video that does a brilliant of explaining what Pixar movies transcend the “family movie” genre and why they are so gosh darn good.


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