What to Expect From “New Girl” Final Season: Death, Children, and More True American


new girl

Although ’s sixth season finale managed to wrap up many of the then-bubble series’ dangling storylines, creator Liz Meriwether managed to lobby Fox brass to bring back the series for an eight-episode seventh and final season, which will debut April 10.

Meriwether, along with cast members Zoe Deschanel, Max Greenfield, Hannah Simone and Lamorne Morris, and several of the series’ executive and writers for one final Critics Association winter press tour panel, where they teased five major revelations to come in the final season.

1. There’s a three-year time jump.

“A lot of the storylines pick up somewhat where we left them off, only 3 years later,” said Greenfield. Cece and Schmidt are parents to a 3-year-old, with Cece working as a modeling agent and Schmidt a stay-at-home dad. Winston is married to Aly (Nasim Pedrad). Nick is a successful YA author, and he and Jess are going strong.

2. There are plenty of new and returning guest stars.

Newcomer JB Smoove will play Winston’s father, joining a large roster of guest stars who will appear throughout the final season. The writers made a list of the they hoped would return, and many of them did. “We were really pleased that so many people wanted to come back and join us,” said executive producer Brett Baer.

3. There’s a death.

“There’s a death of a pretty main cast member that happens that’s heartbreaking for all of us,” teased Simone. While the cast wouldn’t reveal who that cast member is, the fact that they would not comment on the whereabouts of Winston’s cat, Ferguson, should be alarming for fans of the feline.

4. Meriwether actively campaigned for the show’s renewal.

“I’m so passionate about this show. It’s been my life for seven years. I did feel really good about the end of season six but I wanted a chance to say goodbye to the show with a final season,” she said. Since plenty of storylines were tied up in the sixth season finale, she had to prove to the why there should be more episodes to wrap it up.

Added Baer, “The whole show was built on this idea of characters that were broken and we needed to see at the end of this story, are they going to fix each other? …I think we can say yes.”

5. There’s a final round of True American.

The eight episodes will be filled with Easter Eggs and other nods to fans, including one final game of the nonsensical drinking game True American. The said although it’s fun to watch on screen, it’s long and involved to film, and the writers said that the fans who have cobbled together rules have done much better than the people who created it.

“If you tried to play it like we play it on the show, you would be dead,” said EP and writer Dave Finkel.

Said Meriwether, “you have to be very into drinking and very, very into weird presidential trivia.”


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