Why “The Girlfriend Experience” Season 2 Storyline Was Rewritten After Election


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The second season of Starz’s acclaimed  consists of two separate stories shot and written independent of one another. One of them, starring Anna Friel as the finance director of a Republican super PAC, takes place in Washington, D.C.—and co-creator Lodge Kerrigan said that real-life events in Washington caused him to rewrite some of his half of the show.

“I actually rewrote them after the conclusion of the election,” he told reporters at the 2017 Television Critics Association summer press tour.

“I was just really open to the idea that the reality has now become stranger than fiction. and so in the writing of it, in the rewriting of it, without giving too much away I just tried to be really open to that and able to make any last-minute adjustments as we were shooting,” he revealed. “The self-serving nature of the political world seemed to be very apt at this time. There’s so much self-interest in this veneer of democracy that we live in. I think there’s a lot of veneer to the whole world of GFE [as well]…so I was really interested in that.”

Of the parallel storylines, co-creator Amy Seimetz, whose season two storyline revolves around a former high-end escort who enters the Witness Protection Program, said she wanted to experiment with the television format.

“You hope there is some dialogue and some sort of conversation happening,” she told reporters at TCA. “And we felt like the new way forward would be, given the way that TV is moving forward…you can curate these two things. Lodge and I both had conversations about thematic elements that we wanted to see and we wanted to have that conversation with audiences. We can pair them, but once they drop you can also have the experience of watching a three and a half hour movie. …But when you pair them together it’s a conversation between Lodge and I.”

The Girlfriend Experience‘s second season premieres Sunday, Nov. 5 on Starz.


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