Will “Game of Thrones” Season 7 Be the End for Jon Snow? (VIDEO)


Following the first trailer and teaser for , Season 7, I had one complaint: Where is Sansa Stark? The character was non-existent in the teaser and in the first full trailer she was receiving a pep talk from Petyr Baelish. In the latest video, she is front-and-center with her brother Jon and things are sounding ominous for the Stark family.

Over rapid moving shots (some the same as the first trailer), Sansa, Petyr, and Jon’s voices are all heard. First Petyr building up Sansa. If I’m Sansa though, I’m super sick of Petyr’s lectures. He’s telling her to keep fighting everyone, but internally. Sansa’s internal war is probably spending a lot of time waiting for the perfect moment to kill Petyr for his never-ending mansplaining. He trained her, she’s got this stuff down, enough with the lessons! Oh, there was also that selling-her-off-in-marriage-to-a-sadist thing too. That’s still worth killing Petyr.

Next, Jon is trying to convince someone to join his fight. Considering the images that have come out from the set and that we know the white walkers are en route, it’s fair to say this will be the team up fans have been waiting for against the fantastical army.

Finally, we hear Sansa’s voice reciting a warning: When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. The trailer deceptively shows Jon against an oncoming army, with a blizzard all around him as winter is finally here. It gives the impression that Jon is the lone wolf in the poem, and he has been set up as a lone wolf since season one, but does that mean the show will let him die again? If Sansa is going to keep her fights in her mind, and the world sees Jon as the King of the North, does that make Sansa the lone Stark wolf now? Or is it Bran, who is now more “mystic” than Stark. Or Arya, who is still alone in the woods searching for a way back to Winterfell? It’s beginning to feel as though things will end somewhat happily for the Starks, but now without another huge loss first.

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