Wille Forte & Tim Robbins “Switch” It Up



Wille Forte and have joined the cast of , a sorta prequel to Jackie Brown, but not really since it’s merely based on a book thats set before the time of “Rum Punch”, the book Jackie Brown is based on. Phew. Deep breath. At any rate, Forte and Robbins will be replacing Ty Burrell and Dennis Quaid. Forte will play Marshall Taylor, a married country club member who harbors a crush on a woman, Mickey, and spends most of the film in a moral dilemma after witnessing her kidnapping. Robbins will play a corrupt real estate developer and husband to Mickey.

Story follows Ordell and ‘Lou-iss’ hitting it off in prison, where they are both doing time for grand theft auto. Upon their release, they join forces for one big score that finds them kidnapping the wife of a wealthy Detroit developer. When the husband refuses to pay the ransom for his wife’s return, Ordell and Louis are forced to reconceive their plan, and the angry housewife uses the ex-cons to get her revenge.

Producing will be Michael Siegel, Dan Schechter and Lee Stollman.

Forte who will forever be golden for “MacGruber”, was last in “The Watch”, a confused but funny at times comedy, and will next be in Alexander Payne’s “Nebraska”.

Robbins was last in “Back to 1942” and will next be see in “Thanks For Sharing”.

They are both repped by .



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