William Moseley Tapped To Star In Live Action “A Little Mermaid”



has signed on to star in the live-action adaptation of A LITTLE MERMAID. He joins Diahann Carroll, , and in the film inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen‘s classic 1837 fairytale.

Moseley is set to play Cam Harrison, the older overprotective brother of the orphaned Elle who discovers the real “Little Mermaid”. Cam is a newspaper journalist who is sent to a Mississippi town to investigate mysterious healing waters

Elle will be played by while will step into the titular role of the fantastical aquatic creature. is also set to star as the eccentric local who knows about the “Little Mermaid” story.

will direct the movie scripted by . The adaptation will be the first project for and Robert Molloy‘s . The movie is slated to be released next year which is also the same time Universal is expected to release their own live-action Little Mermaid starring Chloe Moretz.

Williams is known for his role in The Chronicles of Narnia franchise. He also stars in The Royals on E! He can be seen next in the action sci-fi pic The Veil as well as the comedy Carrie Pilby.

He is repped by .


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