“Wonder Woman” Rises for Final Trailer (Video)


 There has been a lot of conversations about the advertising surrounding , or lack thereof. Less than a month out from Suicide Squad‘s premiere last year we were neck deep in advertising and those who have been counting down the days for Diana Prince’s feature film are not happy about it. Warner Bros. reaction to their critics has been to say they’ve actually spent more money on Wonder Woman‘s marketing than Suicide Squad, and then to release one final trailer. This latest trailer is by far the strongest one yet, keeping the story simple and fast-paced, filled with massive action scenes and a wide-range of set-pieces. One thing that has been consistently present in other footage but absent here is Diana’s Amazon-inspired score that was a highlight of Batman v. Superman. Instead, the whole trailer is set to Imagine Dragon’s “Warriors” and proves to be a fitting combination. The song has been used before in the marketing for the League of Legends 2014 World Championship. It’s an addictive and fun choice, but this probably should’ve been the first trailer. I’m so excited for this movie it’s insane (and undeserved considering DC’s feature track record under Zack Snyder) but since this is the last trailer before the film and not the first, I feel as though I may have seen the majority of the film. That’s not going to stop me, or millions of women around the world, celebrating the movie we’ve been waiting years for though.

Emily J | TV Editor

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