Woolf + Lapin Acquires Launch Pad Overall Winner DON’T GO THERE – Exclusive


Hot off of being named Launch Pad’s Overall Winner in the 2018 Feature competition, Montreal-based boutique Woolf + Lapin has picked up DON’T GO THERE from Launch Pad alum Jeffery Field.

Described as THE STRANGERS meets WAIT UNTIL DARK, the story takes place on a frigid night after a violent man murders four people and seeks refuge in what appears to be an empty home, only to discover that the elderly woman living within may be far more dangerous than anything waiting for him outside. Our readers described the script as “a suspenseful thriller that is always a few steps ahead. Smart, witty, and assured, this is the work of a writer at the top of his game.”

Field is no stranger to the Launch Pad, as his comedy-drama script WAITING GAMES reached the Top 50 in the same Feature Competition. It centers on a charismatic liar who spins elaborate yarns to strangers in hospital waiting rooms and concocts a scheme to help a grieving mother deal with the disappearance of her twin daughters. In addition to the 2018 competition, Field secured a spot in the Top 10 of the 2015 Feature Competition with co-writer Michelle Davidson for their coming-of-age/sci-fi thriller NO MAN’S LAND.

Field has seen tremendous success outside the Launch Pad competition as well, being a five-time Nicholl Fellowship semi-finalist, an Austin Film Festival finalist and won Silver and Bronze prizes at the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards. He has received a Screencraft Fellowship, the inaugural PAGE Fellowship to the Stowe Story Labs and is the only two-time winner of a Missouri Stories Fellowship. He is currently a recovering television and online journalist, having spent much of his career producing newscasts and in leadership roles at television stations in Kansas City, Orlando, Birmingham, and Augusta, Georgia. He now does communications work at one of the Midwest’s top teaching hospitals.

DON’T GO THERE joins over 140 projects set up through the Launch Pad since our competitions began just six years ago. Congratulations Jeffrey! We here at the Tracking Board cannot wait to what you have coming next!

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