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This week’s opens with a fantasy sequence. Todd and Jess are getting married, in a beautiful island wedding officiated by Karen. Todd says/does all the right things—he melts down his golf club into a ring and even serenades her in her native tongue of Japanese. But in real life, Todd is still an asshole. He notices that the tide is about to sweep away all the community pile of supplies and takes the opportunity to hide it all in his own tent.


He reveals this to Jess, but she thinks that he was about to propose, so she gets upset. This is kind of a strange moment. They’re stuck on an island together for the foreseeable future. Their lives as they once knew them are completely over. Why is she pushing him to propose? It seems unrealistic that that would be the main thing on her mind, instead of simply trying to survive. But this exchange did have one line that got me laughing. Jess told Todd that “When I met you, I thought that you were the coolest senior at ASU.” “Former coolest senior at ASU” is just such a perfect description for him.

There are two B-stories in this episode. In one, Owen can’t properly go to the bathroom with people around, so he hasn’t defecated in two weeks. Danny lets him in on a secret—the central cabin bathroom landed in the jungle, perfectly intact. Owen finally is able to go to the bathroom, but his happiness is short-lived. Turdhole followed them to their hidden oasis, and quickly tells the others. Owen decides to chart the entire island in hopes of finding a way off. It’s a silly subplot, but illustrates this show’s comedic sensibility. It’s a fun, lowbrow, and doesn’t require you to think much.

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The second B-story revolves around Pack, who is starting to go crazy. He notices that Chet is always chill, and assumes it must be because of drugs. Chet really does like the stereotypical stoner. The two embark on a vision quest, because Chet tells Pack that drugs all are “for expansion, not escape-sion.” Pack experiences a few moments of drugged-out bliss before Chet reveals that all he gave him was a Claritin, sending him into a spiral of anxiety that leads to him running into the jungle alone. Poor Pack. Hopefully someone finds him soon—we really don’t have a sense of how big this island is, as the characters all tend to stay by the beach. It’s also a bit unclear how many people are on the island, as each week we seem to see another new character, even if we don’t get their names. And where did Emma and Florence go? They featured prominently in the first two episodes, but we didn’t even see them this week.

Todd does eventually end up proposing to Jess, but it’s really just so that she’ll keep her mouth shut about the community pile of supplies. However, when Jess realizes that he proposed with Diane from Toledo’s ring, she gets very upset. He clearly wasn’t ever planning on actually doing it. She tells the others about the supplies, but it’s too late. Todd has hidden all the supplies, and declares himself King of the Island. There’s no way this can end well, and the previews for next week’s episode confirm that it’s going to be a wild ride. All hail King Todd?

Season 1, Episode 4 (S01E04)
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