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WYNONNA EARP struggles to tell Doc he may not be the father of her baby in “Everybody Knows.” This was a great Wynonna Earp, it was funny, dramatic, tragic and perfectly delivered.  “Everybody Knows” begins with the Gardner sisters dealing with the loss of Tucker and no idea how to find the third seal. To make matters worse, the Stone Witch lost her head and isn’t any help to them. Wynonna and Dolls drop in to question Mercedes and Beth about Tucker, they claim he turned on them too and kept them locked up.

Wynonna grabs Beth’s arm to see if she’s the phantom widow she wounded, but Beth isn’t. She doesn’t check Mercedes but she does notice Mercedes is acting out of character. Dolls tells the Gardner sisters he’ll be watching their movements 24 hours a day, but he doesn’t have those kinds of resources. He takes Jeremy with him on stakeout. Dolls has survived many deadly and dramatic situations, but Jeremy tests the limits of his patience. Sitting quiet isn’t his thing.


Doc wasn’t available because he’s off dealing with a world class law enforcement headache. Back in 1882 an angry Judge Parker signed a warrant for Doc’s arrest for fornicating with his wife; two counts. The warrant was given to Marshall Bass Reeves. In real life, arguably the most effective Marshal in U.S. History. Reeves was also featured in an episode of Timeless, “The Murder of Jesse James.” Reeves, covered in cobwebs, is woken by a kid who knows where to find Doc. Then, the kid goes and brands Doc with a supernatural Tat to mark him like a candle so Reeves can complete his duty.

Doc still doesn’t know he may not be the father of Wynonna’s baby and she’s having a difficult time telling him. Lucky for her, she has a sister that cares but isn’t too careful with the secret. Waverly tells Doc as he’s arming up to face the Marshall. While Doc’s away, Wynonna gets a house call  from her doctor, she wants to run blood tests but she needs samples from both Wynonna and the baby’s father. Doc is willing but there is a mystery man Wynonna must track down.


Wynonna and Officer Haught begin their search where Wynonna met her one night quickie, a strip joint called “Pussy Willows.” It’s a rev friendly club and Wynonna quickly recognizes her man. Jonas is handsome and seems nice at first, but he turns out to be a revenant and has a real mean streak where the Earps are concerned. In fact, he wants to take Wynonna out back for a second date, but Haught intervenes. Wynonna and Haught are leaving when Jonas catches up to them, this time she has the advantage. Waverly shows up, they stuff Jonas into the trunk of her car and take him for a tough love drive. This is a heady proposition. What if Wynonna’s father is half revenant and is it even a possibility? I thought Dolls was a possible father, but I guess she ruled him out.

Meanwhile, Jeremy discovers a patch of the wounded widow’s veil blown away when Wynonna shot her. Dolls takes him back to the lab to test it for toxins or other helpful evidence. They find Doc loading up an arsenal and need his help to handle the experiment. Jeremy doesn’t tell Doc or Dolls about the binding spell he plans on trying and ends up binding the three of them together just moments before Bass Reeves arrives with his warrant and guns. Doc tries to run, but the spell won’t allow him to escape. He tries to punch Reeves, but his fist goes right through, like Reeves is made of smoke. However, Dolls, who isn’t completely human, is able to punch Reeves and buy them some time.


Jeremy, Dolls, and Doc try to escape out the back, but Reeves has a whole ghost posse ready to collect their criminal. Reeves and the posse take Jeremy and Dolls too, they were harboring a fugitive. They march them into a field to execute them, but Dolls speaks up for Doc and his strength of character. He also recognizes Reeves and appeals to him as a fellow Marshall. Reeves accepts Dolls as the ranking Marshall and leaves Doc in his hands. Relieved of duty, the famous Marshall vanishes until someone makes him the feature or television series he deserves.

Wynonna shoots Jonas with Peacemaker, even if he was the father, he isn’t daddy material. Doc wants to question the Stone Witch, he doesn’t know what happened to her yet. Tucker is still out there on the loose and the Widows are talking about targeting his obsession, which could be either Poppy or the original, Waverly. I’m still hoping we’ll see Bobo return in some form this season. Plus, there’s a chance that taking the Stone Witch’s head from the salt hole might give her a window to crawl back into Purgatory. Until then, Wynonna is producing the next generation of Earp, possibly a hybrid.

Season 2, Episode 07 (S02E07)
Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10PM on SyFy

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