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WYNONNA EARP wraps its second season with the big finale, “I Hope You Dance.” There are several revelations and showdowns. A few people act out of character, spinning in new directions while the seeds for season three are planted. Wynonna returns to Purgatory prime when the Iron Witch’s wish-spell is broken. She sees Bobo leading the Demon Widows to the place where he buried their husband, the Demon Clootie. Wynonna confronts them but Peacemaker is useless against their protection spell. Add to that, Wynonna starts her labor and her need to pee handicaps her ability to fight.

Dolls returns in a body bag and quickly links up with Jeremy and Nicole at homestead. Wynonna updates the team about Bobo and breaking the third seal. Demon Clootie is on the rise and they need a powerful weapon to stop him. Wynonna takes the magic plate to the Iron Witch to forge a bullet capable of killing Clootie. The Iron Witch can only make one, it has to count. Doc is the best shot for a situation like this, but he isn’t his old self anymore.

Dolls finds Doc at the edge of the well hoping to see signs of the ring which provided his immortality, but it’s gone. He’s mortal and feels it. Dolls breaks through to Doc by reminding him that Wynonna is back and needs protection. Immortal or not, Doc doesn’t run from a fight.


Bobo leads the Widows to the mine shaft where he hid Demon Clootie’s coffin. Clootie, aka Bulshar, is awake but very weak. Beth offers to fetch Wynonna’s baby to feed Bulshar but demon Mercedes mutinies. For starters, Mercedes chops Bulshar’s hand off. She doesn’t want to be Mrs. Demon anymore. Times have changed, Wynonna is more powerful than Wyatt ever was and she desires a comparable upgrade.

Mercedes buries Bobo and Beth in the mine and goes looking for Wynonna, but she finds Nicole and Jeremy. She spits her paralyzing venom and uses them to bate Wynonna into the open. Wynonna is still in labor but her baby faces danger from several groups, not just Beth. Wynonna meets Mercedes in the middle of the street and pulls Peacemaker with its single magic bullet. Then, Beth shows up with Waverly as hostage. Beth wants the baby, but Mercedes wants Wynonna to work for her. That’s when Doc arrives and pulls his gun in a very weird showdown. He tells Mercedes he’s willing to kill Wynonna to ensure she can’t help her under any condition.

Mercedes thinks he’s bluffing but Wynonna and Doc open fire on each other. The bullet from Doc’s gun splits the magic bullet in two. Both halves split off and hit both Demon Widows in their respective heads. That’s why you invite Doc Holliday to the shootout.  The widows are dead, but there is still great danger. Waverly helps Wynonna settle in Shorty’s with Rosita’s help while Dolls drives off to fetch Wynonna’s doctor, the baby is on the way. Nicole also rushes out on some secret mission while Jeremy leads Doc to the mine where Bobo was recently buried by Mercedes.


Dolls drives into a roadblock lead by Ewan and the special order of demon fighting fireman. Ewan and crew have been killing people who know about Wynonna’s baby. It’s their way of protecting the new heir. They’ve recently killed her doctor and monologue Dolls on their plans to take the baby form Wynonna and raise it themselves; make a proper demon fighting heir out of the kid. Dolls doesn’t agree with their plans and summons his lizard fire against Ewan and the… fireman? Okay, they don’t show how this plays out but it’s hard to believe specially trained fireman are defeated by a heavily outnumbered fire breathing Dolls. Not the strongest story point, but forgivable.

Doc finds Bobo at the mine, he made a deal with Bulshar and promised him a new bride, Waverly. What? This is a weird turn of events. They’ve been teasing the idea that Bobo is Waverly’s father, but he tells Doc that isn’t exactly the truth. Jeremy helps mortal Doc beat Bobo after a knife throwing showdown. Doc drops Bobo into his favorite well and seals it with a wooden cover. This is a bit of a story foul, improper use of Bobo. However, this wasn’t the weirdest turn of the night.

Rosita knocks out Waverly and tries to force Wynonna into a guaranteed protection deal while she’s delivering the baby.  This note seemed way off, but it allowed a nice moment for Wynonna and Waverly when she gets back to her feet and levels Peacemaker at Rosita. Wynonna helps Waverly fire Peacemaker and it looks like it hits her, but she just runs out the back door. I hope we see Rosita return next season. Waverly delivers Wynonna’s baby girl as the revenants gather to kill the new baby heir.

Waverly escapes with the baby and Nicole out the back while Dolls and Wynonna shoot the dozen revs that break in looking for blood. Nicole drives Waverly to the edge of the Ghost River Triangle, this is where they see if the baby is part rev or all Doc. Waverly walks safely over the line and back with the baby in her arms, neither one of them are rev-blooded. Doc arrives in time to say goodbye to his child as Perry Crofte helicopters in with a security detail and wet nurse. Perry flies the baby far away from the dangers of Purgatory, presumably to live with aunt Gus. The team survives intact, Nicole and Waverly are stronger than ever, but Bulshar is still out there. The demon is weak and lonely, but awake and menacing.  In the final scene of the season, Wynonna rides her motorcycle out of town and meets up with her mama. That’s a lot to build the next season on.

Season 2, Episode 12 (S02E12)
Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10PM on SyFy

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  1. Really good summary–thanks!–except you left out the best scene of the series: Almost at the end, Doc and Wynonna talking about the baby. Doc asks if Wynonna named their child. “Alice Michelle, after our mothers.” Doc’s reaction is particularly touching.

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