WYNONNA EARP Review: “I See a Darkness’


Waverly must choose between WYNONNA EARP and the woman she loves in the season’s most tragic episode, “I See a Darkness.” This was Wynonna Earp at its best, a family in crisis. The Mercedes Demon Widow attacks Nicole at her home for the third seal, but Nicole neither has it nor knows anything about it. She fights the Demon Widow and Waverly arrives to assists, but the Demon Widow is too strong and bites Nicole when she puts it in a choke hold. Waverly rushes Nicole to the hospital and starts the suspense clock on saving Nicole’s life. Save Nicole! It’s simple to understand and they skillfully twisted and bent the story right to its tragic end.

Wynonna and Dolls are at the hospital visiting the real Mercedes, clinging to life, malnourished and faceless. The doctors can’t even identify the venom which is slowly killing Nicole. Team Earp jumps to action on two fronts. First: Jeremy researches and tests possible anti-venoms. Second: Wynonna, Doc, and Dolls search for traces of venom where they know the witches have been. Dolls goes to ask the Fireman, secret order, if he can take samples from Juan Carlo’s body, but they already cremated him. They offer to hide Wynonna’s baby when the time comes and they give Dolls the special plate they fought over, earlier in season two, to help fight the demon widows. Other than that, they’re no help to Nicole.


However, Nicole gets a surprise visit from someone that can help; her beautiful, doctor/wife Shae. Imagine Waverly’s surprise when she finds Shae by Nicole’s bed, reading her chart. Shae admits they were married in a Vegas weekend whirlwind ceremony and never really in love, but she also knows helpful information about Nicole, like medicine she’s allergic to. The Beth Demon Widow also has an anti-venom that can save Nicole, she offers to trade it to Waverly for the third seal.

This is where they double up the drama and suspense. We know Waverly is one of the smartest members of Team Earp but we also know how much she loves Nicole. Is this the sort of trade she could make? Waverly tells Wynonna about the deal and wants to know if hiding the third seal is more important than Nicole’s life. Wynonna is dedicated to helping Nicole, but isn’t willing to hand over the ring/third seal. What are our possible outcomes? Nicole lives or dies. The Demon Widows get the ring or don’t. Not good enough for the genius team creating this show. These writers have a curve ball in their kit.

Wynonna threatens Rosita to help Jeremy test his venom cure. It might hurt her a lot, but she’s a rev and only Peacemaker can kill her. Rosita reminds Wynonna she likes Waverly too, all she had to do was ask. Jeremy doesn’t like the idea of testing on Rosita, but Nicole doesn’t have much time. Wynonna and Doc head over to Nicole’s house to see if the demon widow left any usable venom or blood behind. They find some fresh blood on the floor, but they can’t use it.


The Mercedes Demon Widow returned to Nicole’s house too, but she found Sheriff Nedley. Maybe he knows where the ring is hidden? MDW takes Sheriff Nedley to an out of the way barn so she can torture him without disruption. We haven’t seen Nedley in action much but he’s Game of Thrones tough. MDW slaps him, beats him, cuts him with her knifey rings, and breaks his fingers into a twisted swollen mess. Nedley doesn’t give anything up. At first I think it’s because he doesn’t know about the third seal. The spoiler of the night is that he does.  Nedley takes all that punishment and doesn’t give a hint of where the third ring is.

Here’s the big dramatic twist. Waverly spots the Iron Witch’s sister, Gretta, working at the hospital. Remember, the Iron Witch was a smoking hot blacksmith they killed in the first season. She has a vengeful sister! As cool as it sounds, Gretta’s purpose is even better, she’s more Irony Witch than Iron. Waverly asks her if she knows any old family cures for the demon widow’s venom. Gretta says she can definitely help with a cure if Waverly does her a favor. Waverly agrees, anything to save Nicole. Gretta chants quietly for a brief moment and hands Waverly a post it with the location of the third seal.


Waverly finds the ring everyone is either looking for or protecting in Sheriff Nedley’s coffee mug. Then, she trades the ring to Beth Demon Widow for her dose of cure. Meanwhile, Doc and Wynonna find and save Sheriff Nedley. MDW puts up a fight but Doc and Wynonna capture her and take her to Jeremy’s lab where they milk the venom they need from her glands. By the time Wynonna arrives at the hospital, Nicole is already sitting up in bed. She made a full recovery. Wynonna knows Waverly must have traded the ring, but that’s only half the story. This is a big win, we all love Officer Haught.

Gretta finds Waverly at “Shorty’s” feeling guilty about betraying Wynonna. Still, Gretta came through, Nicole is safe, and she wants to collect her payment. Gretta chooses the wish-trophy. This is the trophy the Purgatory High School Hockey Team used to win a championship but also comes with a stiff ten-year balloon payment. Nicole doesn’t want to give it to Gretta, but the Irony Witch starts her chant. Doc rolls in and sees tragedy on the horizon. He grabs at the trophy but disappears. At that same moment, Wynonna also disappears from Dolls’ office. Later, we see Doc in the well again, but we don’t see any sign of Wynonna. When Jeremy arrives at “Shorty’s,” Waverly recognizes him, but neither of them recognizes Wynonna’s name. So, there’s a lot going on with only two episodes left and lets not forget, we saw Bobo rise form the snow a few episodes back.

Season 2, Episode 10 (S02E10)
Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10PM on SyFy

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