WYNONNA EARP Review: “Let’s Pretend We’re Strangers”


WYNONNA EARP battles a nasty demon parasite in “Let’s Pretend We’re Strangers.” Last week we saw Wynonna suck the demon right out of Waverly. It’s a called, Mikshon and Waverly has been carrying it since the season one finale when they killed her sister, Willa. We’ve seen some of the cool powers the possessing demon endows its host; super-strength and regenerating limbs. It also has weird quirks; it’s attracted to shiny things, it shoplifts, and it says things it shouldn’t about people. I’m sure next week we’ll discover it had a Twitter account where it’s been saying hurtful things about the people of Purgatory.

The Mikshon is capable of spreading like a disease and it has a whole group of people dedicated to fighting it, besides Black Badge, who haven’t been returning Lucado’s calls. This is where two plots come together. Last week we saw a huge battle over a collectible plate from the Purgatory Exhibition. This week Jeremy discovers a symbol hidden under the plate’s decoration. Mikshon-Wynonna identifies it as the same symbol on the Purgatory Fire Department headquarters building.


Doc drives Wynonna, in his new red car to question Ewan, the Captain of the Fire Department. Ewan isn’t friendly and warns Wynonna the building was originally hallowed ground. It makes her ill after a few moments and she pulls a knife on Ewan. Doc could tell something was off with Wynonna, but he’s too much of a gentleman to press it. However, he asks her about Peacemaker. Wynonna says she left it at home and Doc throws her in the trunk, the real Wynonna would never do that.

Meanwhile, Dolls discovers Waverly tied to a chair on the kitchen floor. At first, he thinks she’s still possessed, but she eventually convinces him that the demon jumped from her body to Wynonna’s. Dolls understands more than he lets on about Mikshon and the dangers it brings to the host and others. In a weird story telling beat, Dolls doesn’t free Waverly right away. Lucado bursts in and fights with Dolls. Lucado is desperate to clear her name at Black Badge and bringing in Dolls would go a long way. Waverly works herself free while they beat each other for dominance. Waverly convinces Lucado and Dolls they need to work together while Wynonna is possessed with this nasty, mouthy demon. Killing Mikshon could also square Lucado’s account, but uncoupling Mikshon has never been accomplished successfully.


Dolls helps Doc lock Mikshon-Wynonna in a cell while they formulate a plan to save her. However, they aren’t the only people working on the problem. Ewan belongs to an ancient order, guided by the mysterious Juan Carlos, who identified the Mikshon in Wynonna immediately. His team of Firemen have been working overtime slaying supernatural threats since Willa opened the gates of the sanctuary. Ewan has lost too many good people recently and isn’t interested in finding a solution that saves Wynonna.

Lucado sends Doc and Waverly back to the site of the sanctuary showdown, she needs a little supernatural goo to analyze and use against Mikshon. Lucado knows they won’t find any, but she wants them out of the building while her and Dolls take more drastic steps. They need to cut something off Mikshon-Wynonna for a proper goo sample. Could you cut a finger off a friend to help her? Dolls is a tough guy and even he finds the task troublesome. It takes a strong moment of clarity from real Wynonna to convince him to do it, she holds her fingers out and he snips one off. Mikshon-Wynonna smiles when Dolls leaves the cells, she’s up to something.


I wish we would have known more about the Mikshon in earlier episodes. Mikshon can see things in the host’s body, brain, and mind. Some of these things may be hidden from the host for one reason or another. If it weren’t completely evil, Mikshon could make one fantastic therapy tool. Lucado analyzes the finger Dolls cut for her, but the goo whispers to her and tricks her into touching it. Mikshon possesses Lucado. Before Dolls can do anything to help her, Lucado’s head explodes. I’m okay with this, Lucado’s that boss we all hate, the head explosion thing feels right. However, it doesn’t help Wynonna. Waverly and Doc return as Dolls cleans Lucado goo off the office walls, it’s probably going to be his office next.

Waverly decides the best thing to do is take Mikshon back, but she doesn’t tell Doc or Dolls her plan. Waverly leaves the Police Station before Wynonna can warn them she is carrying the demon again. Dolls generates a potion that will drive Mikshon out of Waverly, but someone has to get her to drink it. Does anybody else miss Bobo? They track Waverly back to homestead where she locks herself inside the barn and convinces Officer Haught she needs protection from demon-possessed Wynonna who is trying to kill her. This puts Haught in a terrible position but she loves Waverly and is willing to shoot Wynonna if she must.


Ewan and his platoon of demon slaying fireman also arrive and there is a brief showdown outside the barn with Team Wynonna. Things escalate when neither side will back down but Doc offers a trade suggested by Juan Carlos. The fireman want their secret plate back and are willing to give Wynonna fifteen minutes to handle her sister in trade. Waverly throws Haught across the room helps Wynonna trick the Mikshon long enough to force her to drink the potion. Waverly vomits Mikshon out into the barn where Wynonna fires it back to hell. Wrap another plot point! Almost. Waverly tells Wynonna Mikshon discovered and told her secrets while riding around inside of her. Mikshon said Wynonna was too crowded. Turns out Wynonna is pregnant.

The last big reveal comes from Jeremy. He went to Black Badge HQ to research the importance of Ewan’s plate. He’s happy to see Dolls when he returns but reports the Black Badge complex is completely empty. They’ve moved out and that cannot be a good sign for Purgatory.

Season 2, Episode 05 (S02E05)
Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10PM on SyFy

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