WYNONNA EARP Review: “No Future in the Past”


WYNONNA EARP brings a series favorite back in an excellent “No Future in the Past.” This episode was clever, packed with story, and delivered in every way. It starts with Waverly explaining her doubt about being an actual Earp. When she was a child, Willa tricked her onto thin ice and left her to drown when she fell through. She also claims their father never liked her and no one celebrated her birthdays or stellar report cards. It’s a pretty sad picture. The way she remembers it, Wynonna pulled her from the ice, but Wynonna doesn’t remember doing that. We’ll circle back to this little mystery.

Wynonna isn’t taking the pregnancy well. She goes in for a checkup but doesn’t want to see the pics or know the sex. Juan Carlo grabs Wynonna in the parking lot and whisks her away to his hidden chapel to launch the main journey of the night. Wynonna accepts Juan Carlo’s proposal and spell which sends her spirit on a journey to the past where she can see and hear but cannot be seen or heard. This is the time when Wyatt Earp originally gets called to Purgatory to face the demon Sheriff Clootie. Wyatt sends his friend Robert Spain (aka Bobo Del Rey) to ask Doc to join him in Purgatory. Bobo is all over this episode and it’s filled with his special kind of heart ache.


Meanwhile, back in modern Purgatory, Dolls is hot on Juan Carlo’s trail. He hauls in, Ewan, the Fire Captain that we haven’t seen for a few episodes, but he doesn’t have anything to say. He follows a tip from Wynonna about a church, but he doesn’t know which one or where to look. Rosita, Waverly, and Nicole are also looking for Wynonna for a surprise baby shower. They decorate “Shorty’s,” make mocktails, and fill a piñata baby with donuts. When Wynonna doesn’t show right away, they start drinking and bonding. Waverly grabs Nicole’s purse looking for a pen and finds the envelope with her DNA results. Nicole never told her they came in and Waverly is upset Nicole read them and didn’t say anything. She storms out of the bar leaving Rosita and Nicole to Pictionary, we never learn the secret of the results.

Back in the 1800’s, Wynonna is surprised to see how close Bobo and Wyatt were. At one point, the demon Sheriff Clootie uses Bobo as a human shield against Wyatt and Peacemaker, but Bobo tells Wyatt to take the shot. He shoots the demon Clootie right through Bobo. All of the scenes with Michael Eklund (Bobo) are fantastic. He fills his work with emotion as always. Bobo isn’t just dying of Wyatt’s gunshot wound, he’s cursed by Constance Clootie and her need to hide three seals to keep the demon Sheriff Clootie safely below ground. The demon Clootie needed Constance to give birth to his two demon kids, but Wyatt killed them too. Constance, Juan Carlo, and Bobo team up to crate-up demon Sheriff Clootie’s side entertainment, the two demon widows. The shocker here is, Constance Clootie, The Stone Witch, is actually the lesser of three evils and shapes the fate of both Doc and Bobo.


We learn that Constance dropped Doc into the well with a wedding ring, which is actually the third seal. Bobo left Doc behind, cursed at the bottom of a well with the power to raise the demon that started the Earp curse in the beginning. Constance makes a pact with Bobo, if he helps her find the skeletons of her kids, she’ll brake the curse which made him a demon. As Bobo dies in the chapel, he sees time traveling Wynonna, but he thinks she’s an angel. She’s also dying because of something happening in future Purgatory while she sleeps.

Back in modern Purgatory, Dolls finds the church where Wynonna’s body is time-sleeping but the demon widows find it too. Dolls fights them off, but they knock him out long enough to find and feed on Juan Carlo. Dolls gets to his feet and scares the widows away long enough to give Juan Carlo a merciful send off. Then he barricades the church doors and passes out next to Wynonna. The widows can’t get in but they do set the church on fire.


In the past, Bobo pledges to never hurt his angel, Wynonna, in the future, but he asks what her name is. Wynonna says, her name is “Waverly.” Bobo locks the name in his memory and rings the church bells to signal for help. The Fire Department of modern Purgatory hear the church bells and respond in time to save Wynonna and Dolls. Here’s the kicker, Wynonna was dead for about seventy seconds, long enough of an heir death to resurrect Bobo. Bottom line, Bobo’s back.

Waverly goes back to the lake she fell in when she was a kid and a flashback reveals it wasn’t Wynonna that saved her, but Bobo. This explains his attachment and devotion to Waverly we saw in the first season. Wynonna Earp has a great group of core characters. Wynonna, Waverly, and even Willa all benefit from dramatic and tragic origins. Doc has an equally heart wrenching journey but the Bobo arc is inspired storytelling.  Don’t forget, creepy Tucker is still out there someplace and Poppy has been missing for weeks.

Season 2, Episode 08 (S02E08)
Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10PM on SyFy

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