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WYNONNA EARP searches Purgatory for a hidden seal when Hypnos puts the whole town to sleep for “Whiskey Lullaby.” Wynonna hasn’t had much time to consider her pregnancy and she’d rather hunt demons than explore inevitable changes to her body and relationships. Luckily, she has Waverly to help intercept the long list of toxins Wynonna likes to drink to help smooth out the edges of her day. However, Demons don’t take personal days.

The Phantom Widows drive around Purgatory wearing the Gardner sisters for costume. They’re looking for a second seal and kill a nosy priest who stumbles across them. They need more time to search and a town looking for a priest murderer is not ideal. Purgatory has its own Sandman, Hypnos. He sits dormant in a comfy chair in his den surrounded by protective spells and his helpful daughter, Poppy. The Widow sisters send creepy brother Tucker into Casa de Hypnos to make him an offer he can’t refuse. Hypnos agrees to put the town under while the Widows look for their missing seal and Tucker promises not to hurt Poppy. However, he does have his own creepy plans for her. The Widows promised him a girl.


Dolls meets Wynonna at the diner to discuss something personal. Dolls has been through an ordeal and got a glimpse of life without her. Now that he’s back and Doc can keep him stocked with special meds, Dolls needs to tell Wynonna how he feels. However, Wynonna isn’t ready to hear it. She senses he has something to say and evades for a moment; a very long moment. The Hypnos sleep spell hits the whole town at once. By the time Wynonna wakes up, she looks like she’s advance several months in her pregnancy. A big coat will hide the bump, but not for long. Plus, she has other symptoms and has to pee every few minutes.

Wynonna wakes Dolls, he senses powerful magic behind the spell and they need to stop it. Dolls may not have Black Badge on his side anymore, but he stills takes charge and leads when needed. He tells Wynonna they should let the rest of the town sleep and only wake the team members needed for this mission. This does not include any members of the demon slaying fire department. Peacemaker helps Wynonna stay awake but everyone else needs strong coffee or other eye opening methods.


Jeremy knows they are looking for another seal and it must be hidden on hallowed ground. He creates an algorithm to narrow the search and thinks the basement at “Shorty’s” may be hiding something. Doc and Waverly back him up, they head to the saloon to have a look. However, the Widows steal his , which they should have considered in the first place.

Dolls and Wynonna confront Hypnos. He makes it clear he didn’t do any of this on his own and promises to wake everyone up if they’ll find and protect his daughter Poppy from creepy Tucker. That’s right, a demon doesn’t even want that kid around his daughter. I feel like there is some sort of theme here about the creative and sinister dark dividends of free will versus the clock punching shenanigans of the dutiful demon. Wynonna understands the need to protect loved ones and turns to Officer Haught for help. Haught has an illegal tap on Tucker’s phone. I know this is Purgatory but is that sort of privacy invasion okay? Haught’s heart is in the right place so we’ll allow it for now. Hypnos also tells Wynonna something the widows don’t know but are about to find out.


The Widows drift into the basement of “Shorty’s,” just after Jeremy finds the seal, and puts the trio to sleep. The Widows break the seal, which is the second now, and nothing happens. Turns out, there is a third seal hidden someplace, only Bobo knew where. To make matters worse, Wynonna drops in with Peacemaker and wings one of the Widows on their way out. Dolls has seen the bump and had a little time to process, he could be a daddy. Wynonna wakes Doc up and shows him too. Doc is surprised and probably a little heart broken. Doc is a man of character, loyalty, and faith; but he’s got feelers too.

Meanwhile, Tucker plays dress up with Poppy. He plays himself, full on weirdo, and makes Poppy dress and brush her hair like Waverly. It’s creepier than it sounds. Still, the right moment demands the right woman and that woman is Officer Nicole Haught. She bursts into the room levels her gat and gives him fair warning. Tucker uses Poppy like a shield and puts a knife to her throat, but she smacks him and twists away giving Haught the split second needed to fire on Tucker. Wounded but not dead, Tucker throws himself out the window. The bullet hurts, but he’s also afraid what the Widows will do to him.


Wynonna goes back to Hypnos, he’s done his part and no one in town lost any sleep at all. Time has not changed for anyone in reality. What about Wynonna and her bump? Hypnos confesses his spells usually stop the aging process completely. Whatever is behind Wynonna’s accelerated pregnancy is something only connected to her. I was thinking the Dolls fire-breather DNA may have a role, but we’ll find out soon enough. Dolls shoots Hypnos and orders Wynonna to Peacemaker him back to hell. She does, but she doesn’t like this bossy side of Dolls. Moody confirms Black Badge has left the Ghost River Triangle. Jeremy has a strong concern; who’s gonna be paying them in the future?

The episode ends with someone leaving the Stone Witch’s head on the Gardner porch. Last we saw, she was buried in salt. And lets not forget, they mentioned Bobo, now they need to bring him back.

Season 2, Episode 06 (S02E06)
Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10PM on SyFy

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