Young Oprah Winfrey Script Is the Hottest Read in Hollywood This Weekend (Exclusive)


Young Oprah

Here’s one that should have Hollywood in a tizzy this weekend…

Paradigm and Mosaic are out with a red-hot new spec script about a young Oprah Winfrey that is sure to have tongues wagging this weekend as buyers clamor for a copy.

Written by and titled , the script follows Winfrey as a nascent reporter in 1970s Baltimore who’s struggling through personal and professional failures that threatened to derail her unless she could find the true, inner voice that would change media forever.

Young Oprah offers an amazing role for a up-and-coming African-American actress, and could prove to be an awards contender depending on how the elements align.

The watermarked script is being slipped confidentially to select buyers, and early word suggests that Ogborn has the goods here. He’s in great hands, as he’s represented by spec sale king at Paradigm, as well as at Mosaic.

Stay tuned, because this project should find a home very quickly…

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