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When A Book Fair to Remember, the first episode in the two-part hour-long Younger season 3 finale opens, all the drama of the pregnancy scare isn’t quite over. As Liza prepares for the Hamptons book fair, it is becoming more and more clear to her that she has to end things with Josh because he wants kids and she definitely doesn’t want any more. Meanwhile, Kelsey is going through some transitions of her own as she struggles to balance being the girlfriend of a sought-after author with being an editor of her own imprint.


As the ladies head to the Hamptons, Liza hits a new snag as the entertainment reporter that has popped up on occasion through the series and mostly as Collin, Kelsey’s boyfriend has appeared, reveals that she knows Liza’s real age. Not only that, but her crazy book idea has failed to find a buyer because no one wants life advice from a dog so she blackmails Liza into buying the book or she will reveal her secret. It’s been a slow season so this twist is actually quite exciting and indicates that the final episodes will be anything but slow. Of course, Kelsey shoots down Liza’s pitch—repeatedly. So Liza resorts to sneaky underhanded measures to protect her secret. Liza’s is definitely desperate to protect her secret but going behind Kelsey’s back the way she does to announce the imprint’s newest author seems out of character because she usually finds smarter ways to maintain her fake age. And her age somehow factors into everything, I’m not sure if age really comes up that much or if it’s because it’s the central focus of the show that it matters. Most people don’t seem to really actual ages and it’s more a general “around my age” or “around that age” rather than exactly 26. Even in a group of 26 years olds, someone might be anywhere from 24-30 because that’s what happens post high school when you get out in the world and meet people that aren’t exactly in your class. It seems like Liza could have found a workaround rather than just breaking character. Like a vague, oh I’m so flattered you thought I was your age but yeah, I’m 40, don’t know what gave you that impression. But maybe that is just poking holes in the plot that is now on the way into a fourth season.

Back in Brooklyn Josh and Maggie are hanging out and Josh reveals to Maggie that he just wants Liza, with or without kids. Maggie encourages Josh to reveal his feelings to Liza. Little do they know that in the Hamptons, Charles and Liza keep running into each other and end up at Berlin concert where Liza keeps covering with babysitter references and Charles keeps sharing childhood stories. “Take My Breath Away” causes enough feelings for Liza to kiss Charles as first episode comes to an end and they slow dance. Oddly enough, the kiss didn’t seem to have the awkwardness you’d expect would come with kissing your boss. But then Josh shows up with a bottle of champagne and spots Liza and Charles making out in the doorway. As Liza ends the kiss, she realizes that Josh has written, “marry me” in rose petals on the bed. But there is no sign of Josh.


As second episode opens Kelsey is telling Liza that she gave Josh room key and what could have happened and Liza puts it together that he saw her and Charles and so she tries to text and track him down looking like 50s housewife, which would be a funky look on an actual 26-year old but just ages her. Also, Kelsey is still speaking to Liza, which means that she doesn’t know about Liza going behind her back over the dog book. And Kelsey is going to end up with some drama of her own. Serious drama not like Liza’s silly fear of her real age coming out. Kelsey has been living in her friend’s parents home rent free but her friend is moving her boyfriend in without first talking to Kelsey so Kelsey feels left out and moves out. It’s tough to find an apartment in the city that is also affordable so she asks to move in with Colin for a bit while she finds a place. Colin takes it as an official living together move and boots her out. So Kelsey finds herself at Maggie’s hoping that Liza will let her stay for a bit.

Meanwhile, Liza is doing some soul searching of her own. A complicated could only happen on TV scenario leads Liza to be at a self-help guru’s seminar at the same time as her ex-husband. An elaborate and enthusiastic phone call later leads Liza to finally break things off with the ex and realize that she loves Josh. But as Josh finally responds to Liza, he also realizes that while he loved her, she’s not really the person she wants to be or that he deserves because of her lying and cheating. After Josh’s lecture, Liza heads to Maggie’s where she finds Kelsey and finally finds the courage to tell Kelsey the truth. As Kelsey tries to take it all in, the show closes and we all wonder what happens next. It was a great ending given that the next season will likely be the last, so we’ll get to Liza with Charles and Liza living life without the lie so we’ll have closure for the show, which is more than often happens. What remains to be seen is how Kelsey reacts to yet another friend failing her and what will happen with the whole dog situation. And Diane’s reaction to the news will likely be priceless as well.


Season 3, Episode 11-12 (S03E11-12)
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