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With only one week to go until the hour-long season finale, YOUNGER is ramping up the drama. As Josh and Liza head to a prestigious book party to celebrate Kelsey’s new beau, Josh reveals that he gave Liza her first tattoo. Liza demurs from showing it, but Kelsey expresses concern because tattoos are so hard to remove. Liza replies flippantly that she won’t want to remove it, but the scene is set for the discontent that lies beneath the rest of the episode.


The pregnancy scare starts when Josh accidentally gets into a bar fight with an unhappy writer at the party. Hormones get revved up and the couple heads home for a passionate night—including Liza saying, “I love you too.” It’s a pivotal moment in any relationship, but it seems a little late considering the whole tattoo thing. Once she wakes up, she discovers that her birth control has been out of her body and in Maggie’s hair for at least a week. It’s the kind of scenario that could only happen in a sitcom, mainly because the birth control ring isn’t flexible enough to wrap around a ponytail twice. But it does mean that Liza needs a pregnancy test—so, of course, Josh buys the one that comes with an app. Because millennials value digital stuff and apps over cost-effectiveness. Although Liza is relieved when the pregnancy test comes back negative, because she has already made it known that she doesn’t want more kids, Josh looks visibly disappointed—something that Maggie points out to Liza. It’s an obvious twist, but done in a zany manner not often seen on the show and sets the stage for other events that soon follow


Because we now have insight into Diane out-of-the-office, we see that she is reluctant to give up her keys to her new live-in boyfriend/therapist but she does feel comfortable enough to bring him to a work event—one that will prove to be a sort of catalyst for all the relationships on the show. On the Diane front, her bird-obsessed author of the pigeon book gifts her a parrot. After trying to get rid of it, her therapist/boyfriend says she’s afraid to commit to it so she keeps it—and gets him his own set of keys. Also at the event, Kelsey leaves early to help her boyfriend/writer stop freaking out over the edits his editor has recommended. Instead, she does his work for him, leading to a talk with his actual editor about her role in his life—as his girlfriend. Charles brought his daughter as a date to the bird party because she’s a fan of birds and Josh spends the event drawing on her arms as everyone how great he is with kids—much to Liza’s dismay. It gets worse as Josh hints about sharing parental duties and then openly confesses to wanting to breed with Liza.

Throughout the episode, Kelsey has been advocating for a trip to the Hamptons to represent the book company at a book fair and despite the fact that she is dressed like a gypsy woman—gold hoops, hair scarf and shiny maxi skirt, rather than a professional anything, Charles judges her smart enough to give her the go ahead. As there’s a magical moment of the sun hitting Manhattan’s skyline, Liza reveals she’ll be headed to the Hamptons and Josh continues to press her on parenthood. It’s hard to tell if Liza is wavering or realizing that she needs to break up with Josh, but it looks like next week’s finale will bring out a lot of the unresolved issues of the season, from Charles’ feelings to Liza’s call on Josh to someone possibly disclosing Liza’s secret. It’s hard to imagine how so many confessions, conflicts, and resolutions will come out but given that only one hour remains until what could be the final season, it seems like it would be a good time to reveal all and then deal with the fallout next year.


Season 3, Episode 10 (S03E10)
Younger airs Wednesday at 10PM on TVLand

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