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Kelsey is head over heels with her new beau, Colin, a writer for the New Yorker who has shared his novel with her. Before taking him on as a , Kelsey is savvy enough to have Liza read his work to make sure that she’s not blinded by lust. It turns out that Colin does have , setting the stage for Kelsey learning a new lesson.


Summer Fridays in mean wearing tiny outfits to the office before heading to a rooftop pool party to land Colin an agent—along with some press. Along the way, the cast shows off their perfect bodies via swimwear dispensed from a vending machine. Luckily, there are stylish one pieces that fit both tall and lanky Liza and Kelsey’s petite curves and Josh is brazen enough to go with a Speedo. And no one is self-conscious or mocking of one another’s choices in skimpy swimwear because everyone, young and old, have stunning bodies. For whatever reason, it looks as though Kelsey has been over spray tanning to prep for the party. While in the pool, Liza and Kelsey run into an assistant for EW, which leads to Kelsey exaggerating Colin’s brilliance, but also landing an interview with the entertainment news company and the opportunity to bring some attention to herself, her imprint, and Colin’s new book. Because it’s world, the ladies actually land a meeting where Kelsey continues to exaggerate Colin’s greatness and significantly overshares about Colin’s prospects as well as an excerpt of the book. In her effort to be above board with Colin, including getting him the best agent in town, she ends up screwing herself over and learning a very millennial lesson about not oversharing, and not mixing business with pleasure. Colin says something lame about choosing her over the millions that he has been offered and then Kelsey says something ridiculous about never standing in the way of his success. Despite the fact that the show generally has strong feminist tones, this one went a little in the other direction. Kelsey may have learned a harsh lesson but she has nothing to do with how Colin handles his business life.


After getting more insight into Kelsey’s new guy, we’re also getting more information about Diane. Although the first two seasons showed Diane only at work as a sex-starved power driven boss, the third season has her evolving a bit as we are getting glimpses of her outside of work. Diane is in a therapy session and lamenting to her therapist about how much she hates her weekends because they’re so pathetic. It seems that she reads and watches Frasier reruns before waiting for Mondays to head back to the office. Her therapist recommends that she stops preventing herself from dating and hits on the next man she meets. Of course, that turns out to be the therapist next door, whom her own therapist disapproves of because he lives in his office. The therapist gets evicted because Diane’s therapist him and after a night of steamy romance and a morning of coffee, he asks to move in. At first Diane demurs, but after he reads her dreams, she acquiesces to his staying around, presumably because of the free therapy. It’s a silly subplot, but it’s definitely nice to learn more about the other players on the show.

Liza has some issues of her own to deal with. Josh is disappointed that Liza has already tried butt sex with her ex-husband of many years and laments that he won’t be her first anything because she’s so experienced. So instead of pointing out that a lot of young people manage to still have a lot of sexual experience, including with butt sex, Liza decides to let Josh give her her first tattoo. It’s a cute scene; but seems like a foolish thing to do given the symbolism of their relationship that Josh puts into the tattoo and given her own uncertainty about their relationship, given her possible feelings for another man and the fact that the age difference continues to be an issue.

All in all, the episode was filled with the crazy schemes and hints about Liza’s lie but some of the girl power theme definitely gets lost as the women universally try to ameliorate their men’s fragile egos.

Season 3, Episode 9 (S03E09)
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