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    Weekend Opening Weekend Current Gross
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice $51.335 million $166.007 million $260.408 million
Zootopia $19.325 million $75.063 million $275.265 million
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 $11.218 million $17.862 million $36.582 million
God’s Not Dead 2  $7.6 million  $7.6 million $7.6 million
   Miracles from Heaven $7.256 million $14.812 million $46.528 million

To no one’s surprise, Batman v Superman fell, and fell fast – even harder than we anticipated. At a nearly 70% drop in its second weekend, and with a mere $15 million take on Friday, the Warner Bros. film gained the dubious honor of having the highest Friday-to-Friday drop of any big budget comic book movie ever. The 81% drop was higher than that of last summer’s box office bomb Fantastic Four. It’s not all dark in Metropolis, as BvS has pulled in over $422 million in the foreign market, bringing its worldwide total to $682.9 million. That said, a cumulative domestic take of $261.5 million is lagging behind what the hoped for. Our comparison for BvS after its opening has been The Dark Knight Rises–which was at $287 million in its second weekend, and went onto gross $448 million. And, again, it was much more well-liked. As predicted, bad word of mouth is what kills a movie in its second frame and on. Take Fantastic Four, for instance, which dropped 68% in its sophomore weekend, and followed that up by dropping over 50% in its third and fourth. Sure BvS has a lot more padding, and has been performing very well overseas, but suffering the same fate means the superhero showdown will be lucky to hit $350 million domestic when all’s said and done—and that’s only if it gets a good, long theatrical run, which is doubtful with Captain America: Civil War coming out in a month.


Since BvS left a gap at the box office, everything else stepped into fill the void, with much smaller drops than foreseen. Zootopia had a stellar fifth weekend, falling less than 20% with a $19.3 million take. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 fell a couple points less than anticipated, at 37%. Newcomer God’s Not Dead 2 performed under expectations, taking 4th after all, but with a meager $7.6 million. For comparison, that’s half a million under the original God’s Not Dead $8.1 million opening in 2014, and God’s Not Dead 2 had three times the theaters. Miracles from Heaven held in better than expected, falling only 25% for a take of $7.3 million in its third weekend, easily taking 5th spot over Allegiant. The fourth in the Divergent series fell another 39%, taking in $5.8 million. This brings its domestic total to $56.4 million, a far cry from the first two installments of the series. In 7th, 10 Cloverfield Lane fell only 23%, making $4.6 million and bringing its domestic cumulative to $63.4 million. In 8th places for its first weekend out, Meet the Blacks performed about a million under our expectations, grossing only $4 million in 1,000 theaters.


Eye in the Sky expanded to an additional 900 theaters, landing it in 9th place just behind Meet the Blacks’ with $3.96 million, while fellow indie Hello, My Name Is Doris’ expansion garnered a take of $2.4 million, leaving it at 11th. Deadpool filled the 10th place spot, bringing in another $3.5 million at a less than 30% drop. The anti-hero Marvel flick finished up its 8th weekend with a domestic total of $355 million, and a worldwide total of $754.5 million. Limited release Everybody Wants Some!! took in $312 thousand in its first weekend, and $360K since its opening last Wednesday, and will see wide release this coming Friday. Similarly, Midnight Special expanded to around 60 theaters this past weekend, drawing in $550 thousand and bringing its total thus far to just shy of a million. Still no word on when (or if) Special will see nationwide release.

(Source: Starred figures are estimates. Figures represent numbers at time of writing, and may have changed.)

Parker Mills | Contributor

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