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  Weekend Opening Weekend Current Gross
The Jungle Book  $103.261 million $103.261 million $103.261 million
Barbershop: The Next Cut $20.2 million $20.2 million $20.2 million
The Boss $9.959 million $23.587 million $40.141 million
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice $9.028 million $166.007 million $311.330 million
   Zootopia $8.143 million $75.063 million $307.386 million

Exceeding everyone’s expectations, The Jungle Book went above and beyond, beating out not only Zootopia‘s March opening of $75 million, but firmly claiming the second place spot of all Disney live action remakes (and re-imaginings). Though still falling a bit shy of Alice in Wonderland‘s $116 million opening, Jungle‘s $103 million take proves it has the four-quadrant appeal Disney was counting on. That $103 million also means it topped Captain America: The Winter Soldier to take over the second place spot for all April openings, soundly beating Cap 2‘s $95 million, and Jungle has got plenty of time to stack up the cash before Captain America: Civil War comes out at the start of May.

It’s a long drop to 2nd place, thanks to The Jungle Book claiming the tiger’s share of box office dollars, with Barbershop: The Next Cut coming in at a lowball $20 million for the lowest opening in the series so far. Despite Barbershop‘s positive reviews, audiences just weren’t going for counter programming this weekend, and families seeing Mowgli overwhelmingly outweighed Ice Cube and his South Side shop. Barbershop should at least be looking at a low fall for next weekend, and a chance to make up some of its lost revenue, as everyone has now seen Jungle. Third place went to The Boss, falling faster than expected in its second showing with just shy of $10 million. The Boss is still lagging behind the last McCarthy-Falcone matchup Tammy, by about $17 million, and isn’t expected to catch up.

Boss, The (2016)

Batman v Superman followed in 4th place, nearly a million behind The Boss. The superhero mashup fell 61%, bringing its domestic total to $311 million in its first full month out. For anyone keeping score at home, BvS is now nearly $80 million behind The Dark Knight Rises’ numbersIn fact, the DC pic is actually $100 thousand behind Deadpool‘s first month. The still-in-theaters Deadpool has currently grossed $360 million, and kept more theaters in its comparative weekends than BvS has managed. What with The Jungle Book and this weekend’s The Huntsman: Winter’s War taking all the screens, BvS overall domestic haul isn’t looking to be much higher than $350 million. Zootopia claimed 5th place with the lowest drop this weekend (43%), taking in $8.1 million for a domestic cumulative of $307.4 million.


Kevin Costner-starring newcomer Criminal took 6th, opening far under predictions at $5.8 million. In 7th, My Big Fat Greek Wedding took in $3.3 million in its fourth weekend. Miracles from Heaven followed a bit behind in 8th with $1.9 million, bringing its total to just under $57 million. God’s Not Dead 2 followed just behind with $1.7 million, bringing its total to shy of $17 million. And Eye in the Sky placed 10th with $1.6 million, just barely holding off 11th place Hardcore Henry‘s $1.4 million. In limited, A24’s Green Room took a respectable $88 thousand in only 3 locations, while Sing Street saw $64.3 thousand in 5. Though there’s only one wide release this coming weekend, it’s set to be a big one–The Huntsman: Winter’s War. A prequel to 2012’s Snow White and the Huntsman, which opened at $56 million, Winter’s War has enjoyed wide-scale marketing in an effort to get as many eyes on it as possible before Civil War opens on May 5th.

(Source: Starred figures are estimates. Figures represent numbers at time of writing, and may have changed.)

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