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    Weekend Opening Weekend Current Gross
The Jungle Book  $43.714 million $103.261 million $253.371 million
The Huntsman: Winter’s War $9.619 million $19.445 million $34.215 million
Keanu $9.453 million $9.453 million $9.453 million
Mother’s Day $8.369 million $8.369 million $8.369 million
   Barbershop: The Next Cut $6.080 million $20.2 million $44.661 million

As expected, Disney’s The Jungle Book took the top spot at the box office over the weekend, pulling in over $43 million with just a 29% drop from the week before. That’s a roaring first three weeks for the live-action spectacular, which officially passed the $250 million domestic mark on Sunday as it surpassed the ’s estimates. Huntsman, meanwhile, managed to hang on to second place – but just barely – as Key and Peele’s action comedy Keanu nipped at its heels. With a 51% drop, Huntsman’s profitability chances aren’t looking good, especially with Disney/Marvel preparing to launch Captain America: Civil War, which ought to siphon off much of Huntsman’s remaining potential audience. With fewer locations, Keanu actually had a higher per theater average, pulling in $3,557 vs. Huntsman’s $2,530.

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Garry Marshall’s latest holiday-themed rom-com, Mother’s Day, bowed in fourth place, earning just under $9 million. The film was mostly panned by critics, but could offer an alternative to the spectacle and bluster of Disney’s Jungle Book and Civil War for an older-skewing demo going forward. The upcoming titular holiday could push the Jennifer Aniston-Julia Roberts flick closer to making up its estimated $25 budget, but that path is going to be anything but roses. Barbershop: The Next Cut pulled in another $6 million, pushing its total over $40 million – doubling the estimated $20 million budget. That’s good news for Ice Cube, who continues to be a strong box office draw.


Disney’s Zootopia finally slipped out of the top 5, coming in 6th place, just ahead of Ratchet & Clank, which fell well under expectations. Batman V. Superman dropped to 9th place with $3.869 million, which means the DC blockbuster will probably slow to a halt with about $330 million domestic when all is said and done. In limited releases, the Tom Hanks drama A Hologram for the King pulled in just under a million in its second week, with Green Room seeing a 369% increase as it continued to expand.

(Source: Starred figures are estimates. Figures represent numbers at time of writing, and may have changed.)

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