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    Weekend Opening Weekend Current Gross
Captain America: Civil War $179.139 million $179.139 million $179.139 million
The Jungle Book  $24.488 million $103.261 million $287.601 million
Mother’s Day $11.807 million $9.453 million $22.807 million
The Huntsman: Winter’s War $3.949 million $19.445 million $40.732 million
Keanu $3.287 million $9.453 million $15.308 million

Though Captain America: Civil War‘s opening wasn’t quite as fanciful as we’d imagined, $179 million is now the record to beat for 2016. Even if it didn’t clear $200 million, it’s a great start, taking into account it’s $84 million higher than the last Captain America flick’s opening (The Winter Soldier), and has already made $673 million worldwide in a week–and has only been out a few days in most of those territories. That’s 94% of what The Winter Soldier pulled in worldwide over 20 weeks in 2014. And $300 million more than what the original Captain America: The First Avenger grossed in 2011. Perhaps most importantly, Civil War is lagging less than $200 million behind Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice worldwide, and only $45 million in foreign. Plus, Civil War now holds the 3rd place spot on highest domestic opening for all superhero movies, beating out Iron Man 3 and finishing $12 million behind Avengers: Age of Ultron.


The Jungle Book held in just fine, a 44% drop putting it solidly in 2nd place. So far the Disney film has grossed $278.6 million domestic and another $491.6 million internationally. Day-to-date, Jungle is gaining ground fast and is less than $6 million behind #1 Disney live action remake Alice in Wonderland‘s domestic take. In 3rd place, Mother’s Day posted the third smallest drop in a second weekend of all time, a list generally reserved for December holiday releases. The timely comedy’s numbers actually saw a 32% increase over its opening, leading it to a $22.8 million total. The Huntsman: Winter’s War managed to stave off Keanu, holding onto 4th place by a $660 thousand hair with $3.9 million. The Key & Peele comedy followed just behind in fifth with $3.3 million, affected by a larger than anticipated 65% second weekend drop.

Sixth place went to perennial favorite Zootopia, right on Keanu‘s heels with $3.2 million. Barbershop: The Next Cut took 7th, placed as expected but a little lower with $2.8 million. The Boss beat out Ratchet & Clank for 8th place, besting the animated film by less than half a million, grossing $1.9 million to Clank‘s $1.5 million. As anticipated, Batman v Superman finished in 10th for its seventh showing with a low $1 million. Worldwide the DC flick’s grossed $867.9 million, but a relatively low $327.3 million stateside. BvS is expected to fall even faster now that Civil War is on the scene.


The weekend to come will provide some interesting counter-programming to the big budget superhero melee with Money Monster and The DarknessMonster stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts as a Wall Street guru and his held hostage by a man who lost money due to their show. Directed by Jodi Foster, the drama was originally set for an early-April release before being pushed to this Friday. Latest Blumhouse Productions flick The Darkness sees release as well, starring Kevin Bacon, Radha Mitchell, Matt Walsh, and Jennifer Morrison. The horror film tells the story of a family who returns from a Grand Canyon vacation with something a little more dangerous than souvenirs in tow.

(Source: Starred figures are estimates. Figures represent numbers at time of writing, and may have changed.)

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