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  Weekend Opening Weekend Current Gross
Star Trek Beyond $59.253 million $59.253 million $59.253 million
The Secret Life of Pets $29.607 million $104.353 million $260.986 million
Lights Out $21.688 million $21.688 million $21.688 million
Ice Age: Collision Course $21.373 million $21.373 million $21.373 million
Ghostbusters $21.010 million $46.018 million $86.267 million

Part of the reason Star Trek Beyond fell short here at home is thanks to the crowded summer box office. This is only the sixth weekend on record to have five separate films each gross at least $20 million in the same weekend, after all, and 3rd through 5th place were all very nearly tied. Beyond lost a good chunk of its potential money to The Secret Life of Pets, hanging in strong in its third weekend, as well as to surprise horror hit Lights Out. Though it met projections and claimed 1st place, Star Trek Beyond opened far below its predecessors. Though second in the series Into Darkness opened 7% down to the 2009 original, Beyond fell 15% to Into Darkness‘s $70.1 million opening, and over 20% to Star Trek‘s $75.2 million debut. There’s hope yet, as the first two were both strong earners past their first weekends, and Into Darkness made over half of its worldwide total overseas. Beyond‘s only hit a few foreign markets so, but the cash should start rolling in as the sci-fi flick sees bigger and bigger locations–like China in early September.

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Illumination Entertainment’s The Secret Life of Pets is living up to the brand’s good name, taking 2nd place with $29.6 million. At $261 million, it’s already surpassed Despicable Me‘s total, and day to date Pets is only about $1.5 million behind last summer’s Minions. Newcomer Lights Out shone this weekend with a shocking $21.7 million take, higher than any other non-franchise horror has seen yet this year, unexpectedly stealing 3rd place away. Fourth place goes to fellow newcomer Ice Age: Collision Course, which underwhelmed with a $21.4 million debut, over 50% down from the other films in the series. That said, Collision Course has already grossed over $177 million internationally, including $21.5 million from Mexico alone. Ghostbusters dropped 54% in its second weekend, about as expected, though a harsher fall than other Paul Feig films. In 5th this weekend with $21 million, the reboot has grossed $86.3 million so far.


Finding Dory took 6th with $7.2 million, bringing its gross to $460.2 million. The biggest Pixar film to date still has some catching up to do overseas, but domestically it’s swimming right along. Seventh place belonged to The Legend of Tarzan with $6.6 million, bringing it just shy of $116 million. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates took 8th with $4.4 million, with a cumulative of $40.3 million. Smaller releases took over 9th and 10th place this weekend. In only 1,200 theaters, Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party was in 9th with $4 million, and The Infiltrator took 10th with $3.3 million in in 1,500.

(Source:, Starred figures are estimates. Figures represent numbers at time of writing, and may have changed.)

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