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This week’s YOU’RE THE WORST opens with Gretchen surprising her therapist Justina at a café—Gretchen stalked her there, but if Justina didn’t want people following her, she should “stop FourSquaring yourself every time you live the house like mayor of Thirsty Town.” Gretchen tells Justina that Jimmy’s dad died, but she hasn’t told him yet. She got busy then preoccupied by an iguana on Instagram. She doesn’t want to tell him because everything’s been going so well between the two of them lately, but Justina insists that she has to.

She goes home to find Jimmy posing for the jacket photo of his new book, dressed sort of like an old timey sailor sitting in front of a typewriter. The look he’s going for is “jocund, but profoundly tormented.” Before Gretchen can say anything, Jimmy tells her that he wants to take her on vacation as a thank you for supporting him on his book writing journey. She brings up a cruise and freaks out when he agrees. A cruise is her dream vacation, and it speaks a lot to some of Gretchen’s deeper issues that she explains to him, “if the grownups are busy gambling you hang out with the other kids and just color.”


Jimmy has to go to a liquid brunch with his editor to talk about marketing— “Every mimosa is a chore. Every sip is a brick in a literary wall”—so Gretchen hangs out with Lindsay. They con their way into a film shoot to steal food from craft services, which is brilliant. Lindsay tells her not to tell Jimmy that his dad died, as then he’d associate her with bad news and depressing situations. She’s still dealing with the aftermath of her stabbing Paul. She convinced herself that she didn’t do it on purpose, repeating the thought so much that she began to believe it. She decides she can do the same thing and make herself love Paul through the power of sheer delusion.

Lindsay and Gretchen go to visit Edgar at the gym he works at, but Edagr is in a dark place. He’s haunted by memories of his time in Iraq. Lindsay and Gretchen ignore this of course and try to make him tell Jimmy that his dad died. He refuses. Lindsay brings up the idea of telling him in a group setting. Her parents told her that they were getting divorced at Benihana, which worked out great until Lindsay had a sip of her mom’s mai tai and climbed up on the table forgetting it was a grill. That’s why she doesn’t have footprints. Also, side note, but Edgar’s gym sounds amazing. They have a class called “TreadParent” where you watch Transparent while on a treadmill. Genius.


Gretchen invites Lindsay, Paul, Vernon, Becca, and Killian over under the guise that she’s throwing a party to celebrate Jimmy’s new book deal, but she really wants them all to tell Jimmy the news. She’s going to give them a signal and they’ll announce at once, like a surprise party. Vernon is hilarious tonight. He isn’t fazed by the news that Jimmy’s dad died, as it “happens every day on my operating table.” He has a new harmonica vest, as all his hobbies now need to be under $25. He claims that he was born dead but remembers what the doctor told his parents: “Good news, he’s a boy and hella hung. Bad news, dude’s dead.” Also, Lindsay isn’t the only sister who’s delusional—Becca tells Paul and Lindsay that Vernon lost his money to North Korean hackers.

Jimmy comes home, but before Gretchen can give everyone the signal, he tells her that he found the perfect cruise—The Famous Pets of Instagram Cruise. She almost begins crying, she’s so happy. Everyone begins partying in a hilarious and deranged scene—Gretchen pours champagne on Paul, Jimmy throws money around, and Lindsay gets frisky with Killian. Edgar doesn’t think it’s appropriate to party, but Vernon tells him that he works in a hospital—“Just because a busload of dead kids rolled up doesn’t make it not Margarita Monday.” Vernon was really killing it this episode.


Just as Gretchen is about to get Jimmy to pay for the cruise, he decides that no one there really supports him, as they knew he needed to write and let him party instead. It’s a sort of abrupt turnaround, but whatever. This episode was near perfect, so I can forgive it. He begins berating his guests, prompting Paul to stand up for Lindsay. After spending the party repeating the words “you love him” to herself, she realizes in this moment that she really does love him. She doesn’t have to pretend.

Jimmy leaves to get his heckle files to heckle them all, but realizes thanks to Edgar, who was sent down to deliver the news, that his true enemies aren’t his friends. His true enemy is his dad. He calls his dad, much to the shock and chagrin of everyone else. His dad obviously doesn’t answer, but Jimmy leaves a voicemail. He starts off like he’s going to tell him off, but just tells him “I sold a book daddy.” It’s vulnerable and sweet and uncomfortable and a moment only this show could pull off. Everyone leaves, leaving Gretchen to finally tell him the news. His face freezes in shock as the episode ends.

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