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Tonight’s YOU’RE THE WORST was an excellent episode of the show, combining dark humor with realistic looks at depression, as Aya Cash continues to kill it in her portrayal of Gretchen—seriously, the woman deserves more recognition for the great work she’s doing. Gretchen goes to see a therapist, Justina, played by Samira Wiley (Orange Is the New Black). She’s already seeing a psychiatrist, but there’s a difference. In her words: “A psychiatrist is like, ‘Here take these pills, hoe.’ A therapist is like, ‘Tell me your shit, I couldn’t make it as an actor.’”

She brings Jimmy along to the appointment, who’s in a funk because Edgar had notes on his book proposal. Jimmy finished his proposal—according to him, the five more freeing moments in a man’s life are “leaving his parents’ home, dumping a girl hard, deciding to eat a whole pizza, hammocks, and finishing a writing project.” He gave it to Edgar, hoping just to hear praise about how amazing it was, but instead got criticisms. He’s already sent the proposal to his agent. I know this show is called You’re the Worst, but Jimmy really is the WORST in this scenario. People who ask for critiques then can’t handle them are awful. And he wastes Justina’s time talking about this, when he should be supporting Gretchen in her quest to get help.


Gretchen doesn’t take the appointment seriously, but she agrees to make a to do list with just one thing on it at a time. Jimmy has a few suggestions—launder your clothes, stop wearing your shoes to bed, titty massages—but Gretchen decides to open the mail. It’s her one chore at the house, and she’s been avoiding it because it gives her anxiety. It’s always people wanting money, or jury duty, or your grandma sending you a check, then you feel guilty that you haven’t talked to her in a while and can’t leave bed for a month. As someone who has dealt with depression, I completely get this. Snapping back after allowing herself to be vulnerable, Gretchen ends the appointment by insulting Justina, calling her a litany of crude names, “jizz magnet” being one.

Ok, let’s talk about the craziness that is Lindsay this week. Here’s a charitable reading of Lindsay taking care of Paul, dressed in a sexy nurse’s costume: she honestly feels bad for what she did and wants to atone for her sins the best way she can. Here’s the feeling that I got: she’s keeping him drugged up because she knows that if he comes to his senses, he’ll want to go to a hospital, and no doctor is going to believe her “he backed into my knife” story. Maybe that reading is too dark for a comedy show, but that’s honestly that’s what it came off as to me. I don’t think Lindsay is a sociopath—I think she’s just a confused person who can’t figure out what she wants in life. She knows it isn’t Paul, as evidenced by her saying she “loved” him, but she’s also scared of being alone, especially now that she’s pregnant. I can’t see the two of them staying together much longer.


Edgar is also going through some rough stuff. As we saw last week, he stopped taking his medication, as it caused him problems in bed with Dorothy. This week, an oblivious Dorothy tells him that she’s glad he’s adjusted to his new meds, as she was lying when she said she could live without penetrative sex. He’s supposed to be helping her move into her new apartment, in the hipster LA neighborhood of WeHoCa (West of Homeless Encampment), but becomes fixated on the tent city of homeless. He decides to help them by rewriting their signs to make them more comedic, as people don’t actually want to think about sad things, especially veterans. He asks for a suggestion from the crowd—one homeless man says cookies; another says demon rape. He wisely goes with cookies, making a joke about how the man needs money, because he can only afford Hydrox, not Oreos.

Edgar comes up with some pretty funny signs— “From future, time machine broken, need money for plutonium (FYI: The Cowboys win the Super Bowl next year)”—but completely forgets why he’s there in the first place. He’s supposed to be helping Dorothy move in, but he tells her that the homeless guys need his help more, as she has a place to live. True, but beside the point. Edgar is heading for a crash and it’s not going to be pretty.


But back to Gretchen. Something about her therapist appointment has set her off. She goes to Justina’s office to confront her, telling her that “You told me there was things I could do, insinuating that I could have fixed myself anytime I wanted, and that is negating my story. It is tired, it is patriarchal, and it is rape culture-y. You are basically a rape apologist!” Justina just takes this like the pro she is. Gretchen then tries to stalk her, but falls asleep in the car she and Lindsay are staking her out in. She admits to Justina that she gets angry when she’s vulnerable, and seems to be open to going to back to therapy. I hope so, because she needs it, but also because I love seeing Samira Wiley on TV again.

She goes home and finally opens the mail, growing more and more confident until she opens a letter containing a news clipping. It’s an obituary, accompanied by the note “Shitty Jimmy, Dad’s dead. Sorry.” Just then, Jimmy enters the home, over the moon about the fact that his agent sold his book proposal. Jimmy was going to ask his agent to pull the proposal, as Edgar’s notes and the impromptu focus group he pulled together in front of Dorothy’s apartment caused him to rethink some things, but now he has proof that he was right along Jimmy’s just going to be even more insufferable now, but he’s hilariously insufferable, so it’s ok.

But Gretchen doesn’t tell him that his dad died. He’s blocked all their numbers after their visit, so he hasn’t talked to them in a while. She opened the mail, and the worst possible thing happened. Let’s see what happens next week, which is titled “Bad News: Dude’s Dead”.

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