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Last week’s YOU’RE THE WORST was excellent, but dark. This week’s episode was a return to the lighter, joke-a-minute You’re The Worst that I didn’t even realize I was missing. The gang gets together for Sunday Funday, the last Sunday Funday, as it turns out. Their usual brunch spot is overrun by hipsters and Lindsay and Edgar’s suggestions for activities—nude beach, turtle races, and sex trampolines—are really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Jimmy doesn’t seem to care. As he mockingly puts it, “Oh no! They’ve corporatized your cloying, fabricated, feckless drinking holiday? Is nothing pure anymore?”

But Gretchen has an idea: embark on a scavenger hunt to find a super-secret speakeasy. Lindsay and Edgar are in, but Jimmy thinks speakeasies are the worst thing to happen to bars since internet jukeboxes and big ice cubes. Well…he’s not wrong. But much like Ron Swanson in Parks and Rec, he finds joy in solving the insane clues they keep uncovering. It starts off simple enough, with a HTML code hidden with an image of a sailboat. Jimmy deduces that it’s the Dewey Decimal system. Lindsay and Gretchen of course have absolutely no idea what that is, so Jimmy leads the group to the library.

At the library, they walk past a homeless man watching porn on the free computers to find a rare book with a picture of a man playing the piano inside. Lindsay is able to identify the sheet music he’s playing as ragtime. Who do they know who’s knowledgeable about ragtime? Sam, of course!


Edgar, Lindsay, Gretchen, and Jimmy go visit Sam and the boys at their recording studio. Shitstain eloped with Jacqueline in Vegas and Honey Nutz is doing just FINE, don’t even ask him about it. Sam recognizes the song as the ragtime classic “Happy Toes”, but what’s interesting about the song is that is switches to a minor key in the middle. So it goes from Happy Toes to Sad Toes. This gives Gretchen an idea of where to go next, but Sam doesn’t want to go with them: “I’m frightened of puzzles and general trickery.” I missed Sam! We haven’t seen him since the first episode, so it was good to have him back.

Based on the last clue, the gang goes to a sketchy looking foot clinic, and that’s where the scavenger hunt goes from mildly implausible to absolutely insane. They spot a man wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase and confront him, only to have him go running off. The payphone rings. They type in the words the voice on the repeats, which releases a key that opens the briefcase the man dropped. Inside is a picture of the four of them from the library! Edgar takes this to mean that “We’re the bar. The bar is inside us.”, but he’s stoned, having been peer-pressured into smoking at the recording studio.


Jimmy realizes that on the back of the picture is a map of train routes. Lindsay mentions that Paul is an expert at trains, so Gretchen calls him. Gretchen and Lindsay have been fighting all day because Gretchen wants Lindsay to be honest with Paul. Lindsay’s not herself around him and she advised Gretchen to be herself around Jimmy, so it’s hypocritical. A power struggle ensues where Lindsay grabs the ice cream off Gretchen’s cone and puts it back. Gretchen licks it, defiant. It’s immature and hilarious and I loved it.

They meet Paul in Chinatown, He’s wearing a sad little engineer hat, but he’s helpful. He points out that their map is missing a station, so he and Jimmy go inside the building. Meanwhile, Lindsay and Edgar have a conversation about their respective problems. As we saw last week, Edgar’s been really struggling with his PTSD, but the marijuana he’s smoking is a great “illegal temporary fix.” However, they have the entire conversation as multiple fireworks go off behind him and he doesn’t even flinch. When Lindsay points this out, he decides it’s time for total immersion therapy.


In a joyous, beautifully shot sequence, his friends shoot fireworks at him on the beach while he stands there, super cool aviator sunglasses on, vaping. I don’t think this “immersion therapy” will be the end of his PTSD struggles, but it was nice to see Gretchen and Jimmy helping him after their horribleness last week. The fireworks illuminate a painting on an abandoned van, containing a QR code. The QR code downloads an app to Jimmy’s that directs them to a house.

They knock on the door, but all that’s inside is a Mexican family. They begin to turn around when Jimmy grows suspicious. They were too happy to be a real family, so they must be actors. They destroy the house in hopes of finding the speakeasy entrance, but instead get arrested. But something’s off about the jail. Edgar is allowed to keep his weed and when Paul sits down to use the toilet, he disappears.


The toilet is a secret portal into the speakeasy. I wasn’t lying when I said things turned insane. But the actual speakeasy is lame. It’s full of boring hipsters and two Rye Manhattans cost $42. Jimmy was right along, but he helped with the scavenger hunt because he wanted to make Gretchen happy. Lindsay takes a stand for her happiness too. She tells Paul that she wants to be able to “bone other guys”, which he reluctantly agrees to. A one-sided open relationship can’t possibly be the solution, but at least she’s taking steps forward too.

Season 3, Episode 6 (S03E06)
You’re The Worst airs Wednesdays at 10PM on FXX

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