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This week’s YOU’RE THE WORST felt more like a filler episode, closing the door on one issue (Jimmy processing his dad’s death) while setting up future problems (Edgar is most definitely heading towards a scary crash). As such, it wasn’t as entertaining as this season’s first three episodes, but the show has set a very high bar for itself so far. It was inevitable that they’d stumble a little bit eventually.

I know this show is about two horrible people, but the way that Gretchen handles Jimmy’s grieving process is completely immature. She’s more interested in him not ruining her “rad cruise” than whether or not he’s actually okay. Maybe this would be feel less asshole-ish if Gretchen’s all-consuming love for Internet animals was something established throughout the entire series, rather than just randomly inserted a couple of episodes ago. She decides to go against her therapist’s advice and try to force Jimmy to deal with his emotions on her schedule—just pop that sadness like a pimple.


Jimmy is experiencing writer’s block. He’s lying on the floor, dictating sentences to poor Killian, upset that he can’t “perfect the bum metaphor.” I don’t know, “Kitty’s bottom had an almost otherworldly lift, as if in the process of being Raptured for being too perfect to dwell any longer on Earth” seems like a pretty solid sentence to me. Pure gold. Gretchen decides to take him on a sadness tour of sorts, in hopes that something will cause him to connect with his emotions. They force Edgar to drive them to the cemetery, berating him for his lack of “car booze”. The horrible way the characters treat Edgar occasionally crosses from being funny to just plain cruel. For example, Jimmy telling him that he read an interesting article about PTSD: “In WWI, the official term was cowardice and you were shot for it.”

It’s partially no longer funny because Edgar really seems to be on the precipice of a complete breakdown. He blew off his appointment at the VA to drink alone, then lied and said his car broke down because he didn’t want to see Jimmy/Gretchen again. The preview for next week’s episode shows him yelling at a doctor, so at least we know he tries to get some sort of help. Edgar’s the sweetest character on this show. He’s like an adorable, hurt puppy. You just don’t want bad things to happen to him.


Anyways, stop one on the sadness tour is a funeral, but the two begin to get turned on by the sexiness of it all—all the mourners are hot, jimmy compares it to the “November Rain” music video—so they have sex in a mausoleum instead. Next is a paint-your-own pottery place, as Gretchen hopes that seeing real-life fathers and sons interacting will affect Jimmy. She has him follow out what they think is an angry dad to confront him, but really the dad is upset because his child is a monster. The kid set up fake Facebook profiles to cyberbully him and calls Jimmy and Gretchen nasty-ass pedophiles, much to their delight.

The final stop on the tour is a British pub, where Gretchen puts on a hat and pretends to be his father. Jimmy thinks he’s about to experience a feeling, but it’s really a fart. However, when he goes home and begins smelling his dad’s old clothes and looking at his stuff, he actually does feel an emotion: happiness. Jimmy is finally free now that his dad is dead. It’s a conclusion that fits perfectly in with the show’s ethos, but it’s possible that Jimmy might still actually grieve. He shoves all his dad’s stuff into a drawer, which isn’t the best way to deal with emotions.


While all this has been going on, Lindsay and Paul have been at a parenting class with Becca and Vernon. Lindsay decided she wanted to take one after realizing that she wants her kid to be sad when she dies. Lindsay turns out to be a complete natural at parenting, swaddling, diapering, and performing infant CPR like a pro, which of course really pisses off Becca. However, when she talks to a dad after Paul leaves to drive Becca/Vernon home, she freaks out. What if becoming a mother means she won’t experience/learn what else she could be good at? She tries to kiss the dad, then runs off when he rejects her. I still really don’t know what the show’s endgame is here—are they really going to give Paul/Lindsay a baby? It seems like a horrible idea, but you never know.

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