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Why is this episode of  YOU’RE THE WORST titled, Odysseus? Well it’s obviously ironic (is that the right word?), especially since in the real epic, we’re rooting for Odysseus to win Penelope, his wife, back from her suitors, after he’s returned home from war. If Jimmy is assumed to be Odysseus and Gretchen to be Penelope, then Jimmy is a far cry from a hero, and is more like the evil villain we all want to just stay away from Penelope until he can get his life together.

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Finally returning home from his life on the run, Jimmy catches Lindsey and Edgar in his bed, getting it on. It’s not a fantastic welcome home gift but, he doesn’t exactly deserve much else.

Meanwhile, Gretchen wakes up in Ty’s bed in a clear attempt to move on from Jimmy. She even ignores Lindsey’s text message letting her know Jimmy’s back! Atta girl! A cocky Jimmy asks Lindsey and Edgar about Gretchen all nonchalantly, and pretends to be unbothered when Lindsey mentions how good she’s been doing without him. Meanwhile, Edgar tries to get some resolution of his own considering he’s extra salty that Jimmy up and ditched him.

At Ty’s yoga/ brunch/crossword thing (yuck), Gretchen learns from a disgruntled guest, Boone, that she’s only one of “Ty’s girls”… meaning her rebound may just be a air ball. Edgar and Lindsey are both a bit annoyed at Jimmy’s return: Edgar because Jimmy left him with no clue as to where his best friend was, and Lindsey because of how good Gretchen’s doing and wanting to keep her sane.

Later, a snooping Jimmy meets with Sam and Sh**stain, obviously to get more tea on his girl. They tell him that Gretchen’s been in Europe for three months (she hasn’t), leaving Jimmy to believe Gretchen is gone.

On her way back from the party, Gretchen catches Jimmy heading to Lindsey’s house to return her belongings. To avoid Jimmy, Gretchen takes Boone to a random karaoke bar, where they talk about Ty and her relationship. They end up sleeping together in the back of the dude’s van.

Edgar returns home to find Jimmy sitting at home in the dark, staring at his phone. He asks him why Gretchen never responded to his “neutral” text. Edgar  goes on a rant, pissed of at Jimmy for also abandoning him.

As Jimmy tries to find the perfect thing to say to Gretchen, Gretchen, post-coitus, waits with anticipation for Jimmy’s text bubble to stop with the dang ellipses and get to an actual message. It doesn’t come. So she decides to come. She shows up at Edgar’s house, where a shocked Jimmy looks like he’s ready to kiss Gretchen. She greets hm by yelling the stupid, nonchalant message he sent her “HEY. DOT. DOT. DOT” and storming out.

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Jimmy follows Gretchen back home, where he apologies (deeply, deeply) for what he did. Gretchen responds with a neutral “okay” and walks away… until Jimmy mentions the fact that Gretchen bringing up wanting a “family” was the thing that scared him away. Oh no. Gretchen hits him with the okie doke, and first pretends to be sorry for mentioning family – which we could believe. But when Jimmy excitedly shows her his book, thinking he’s got off scott-free, Gretchen lets the book drop to the ground with a thud. We get the message – it’s over. She walks off with Lindsey and leaves Jimmy in the dust.

Favorite moment: Edgar spewing out all the ways he had to cope with Jimmy’s abandonment: smelling his pillows, coming home to an empty house, having to face the realization as to how many friends he lost in college. Edgar and his speech where the MVP this episode.

Favorite moment part two: Jimmy reenacting the “this is fine” meme after Gretchen walks off, complete with a fire in the background and the same hat the dog in the cartoon wears. I didn’t see it coming, and wondered why Jimmy randomly commented on Edgar’s outfit, and why Edgar just handed over his hat until…. Oh!

The entire episode was a lead in for the moment we’ve all be waiting for: Gretchen and Jimmy’s confrontation. I’m not sure what I expected from these two, but I thought that the confrontation scene was definitely worth the wait. If the title of the episode implies that Jimmy is a parallel to Odysseus, it’s definitely the version where Odysseus is a terrible anti-hero who we’re hoping fails. He spends the entire episode gallivanting around town, with no regard towards how his actions for the past three months have affected anyone (namely Gretchen and Edgar). Both Gretchen and Edgar literally have to scream in Jimmy’s face for him to even attempt to do the “hard thing” and apologize. Jerk.

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Then, when we finally get to the short apology, instead of being able to face Gretchen “like a man” he resorts to blaming her for mentioning that she wanted a “family” as to why he picked up and ghosted everyone in his life for three months.

Fam. I was pissed, even more so when I thought that Gretchen was actually going to take the blame. Mind you, if it were any other show I would’ve assumed that Gretchen was setting up Jimmy, but it’s You’re the Worst – last week Gretchen was smoking crack and asking if she could find someone to kill – you get why I thought “hmm maybe she does think she’s at fault.” So it was very satisfactory for her to give Jimmy a silent f- you, leaving him to burn with the realization that if he wants to fix things, he’ll have to figure out how to accept the consequences of his own actions. The whole, smooth talking butthole thing isn’t going to fix this one.

Even though the confrontation was short, and viewers may have been hoping to get a twenty five minute rage fest, I thought that this was a great precursor to a season (maybe) of Jimmy’s redemption. We built up all this anticipation, and then when it finally comes time for the two to make up, Jimmy ruins it with his smug, arrogant attitude. Instead of Gretchen blowing up, she just walked away from him, which, to me, is the biggest slap in the face Jimmy can get. See, people like Jimmy almost enjoy pissing off their loved ones, and feel validated when they witness the intense emotions they cause other people. But to walk away from them with your head held high? I know he’s feeling that burn.

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Season 4, Episode 3 (S04E03)

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