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So many emotions on this week’s YOU’RE THE WORST. There were several different storylines going on this week. Jimmy explores passions outside of writing, finally building his treehouse now that he doesn’t have to try to win his father’s approval. Gretchen practices mindfulness and takes Lindsay to get an abortion. And there may be trouble in paradise for Dorothy and Edgar, as he’s basically handed a comedy writing as she struggles to build her own .


Let’s start with Gretchen and Lindsay. Gretchen this episode doesn’t do much besides try to relax and be mindful—a tough task for her, as she considers everything to be a competition thanks to her mother. She’s mainly along for the ride with Lindsay this episode, who actually gets the abortion she brought up two weeks ago. But she hasn’t told Paul! Paul innocently texts her sweet nothings about how much he misses her while she walks towards the clinic. It’s enough to make her reconsider temporarily—she has a conversation with a pro-life protestor—but even the protestor thinks she should do it. In her book there are extenuating circumstances: “rape, incest, whatever this is.”

So Lindsay goes through with the abortion. She’s also going to divorce Paul. He doesn’t learn either of these things this episode. After last week’s episode, I was rooting for them to get divorced, as they’re so obviously wrong for each other. But Paul’s dedication to his unborn child was touching. He’s going to be absolutely devastated when he finds out the news. It’s Lindsay’s body and her choice, but it was selfish of her to not tell him beforehand. That’s my problem with Lindsay as a character. Her dim-witted nature is funny, but if you look at her actions, she’s a monster, at least this season. The show is called You’re the Worst and she might actually be the worst.


Edgar accompanies Dorothy to an audition for a commercial, where she has to suffer the indignity of being told that they’d rather see her read for overworked mom that yoga girl. Edgar, whose Dr. Weed videos have gone semi-viral thanks to High Times retweeting them, is recognized by Doug Benson. Edgar knows him as “the pot comedy guy”, which Doug concedes he is—“among other things, but that’s the brand.” He’s there to audition for the role of sleepy dad. He thinks Edgar is funny, so he asks him to come to a meeting at his offices.

His offices are super nice and professional—not at all what you would expect for “the pot comedy guy.” He offers Edgar a writing on his new TV show he’s developing for Waze, the directions app. Don’t worry, it will only play during red lights or when people are stuck in traffic, so it’s perfectly safe. When Dorothy comes home, he tells her the good news. She pretends to be happy for him, but as soon as he leaves the room, she begins crying. I get it. She spent her day cleaning out an old lady’s closet via Chore Monkey, a Task Rabbit-like app with an even more demeaning name, and she comes home to find that her boyfriend, recently her improv student, got a doing what she’s been working towards her whole life.


Throughout the entire episode, Jimmy’s been stuck the treehouse he’s building. This gives him time to think about his life. When Gretchen comes home, he’s able to spy on her through the windows. When he finally gets down and back inside, he tells Gretchen that he looked at his life from an outside perspective and he doesn’t recognize it. Everything could be wrong. By the way he repeats everything, it’s clear he’s referring to his relationship with Gretchen. I understand Jimmy’s feelings, as I feel like most people have that existential crisis moment where they suddenly question all their choices, but he and Gretchen are the one couple on this show I’m rooting for. Get it together you guys!


Season 3, Episode 10 (S03E10)
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