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One of the best things about YOU’RE THE WORST is that it’s never afraid to try new things. It’s taken a lot of risks this season, like the episode where we see a day we’d just seen the episode before from Edgar’s perspective or the one focused solely on Paul and Vernon. This might be the show’s most ambitious episode yet, at least in terms of cinematography. The majority of the episode was shot in one-shot long takes, the longest lasting an epic eleven minutes, as the characters attended a party celebrating Shitstain and Jacqueline’s elopement.

The one-shot/one take idea certainly looked cool, but felt a tiny bit gimmicky. The eleven-minute-long one followed the characters throughout the party, moving along with the movement of the waiters. The waiters had their own subplot about buying and selling cocaine, which never really paid off with a joke, although it was funny in a sad way to watch them completely ignore Paul whenever he tried to talk to them. While the camera work was a fun diversion, the events at the wedding were serious, as everyone’s relationship faces what could be its breaking point.


The episode starts with Jimmy going through all of his things. After his realization in the tree house last week, everything he has and everything he is suspect, as it was all acquired in the context of being Ronnie’s son. He’s reevaluating his life, and that means making a pros and cons list for everything, be it a stapler or a scarf or Gretchen. As I predicted last week, Jimmy’s new attitude causes him to take a long hard look at his relationship with her. She tries to hide under the sheets to avoid his gaze, but then decides to advocate on her own behalf, flashing him to give him two pros. This unfortunately also reveals that she fell asleep with gum in her mouth.

If you’re thinking that this can’t possibly end well, you’re right. It starts off innocently enough. Gretchen tries to steal the notebook he’s keeping his list in, only to find that he’s anticipated she’d do that and replaced it with a duplicate journal. They know each other so well! But things take a dark turn once Gretchen begins complying her own list. They decide to read each other one thing off their lists and Jimmy starts with a devastating one— “I can’t see having kids with her.” It’s possible he didn’t know what a cruel thing to say that is, but Gretchen snaps back with “I’m afraid you’ll never be successful.”


Could this possibly be the end of Jimmy and Gretchen? They leave the wedding in separate cars, the expressions on their face both equally hurt. Not being able to see yourself having kids with your partner is 100% a deal breaker, if you want kids. I never pictured Jimmy as the type to want a family, but who knows. Next week is a special one-hour season finale, but it’s been renewed for a fourth. What would the fourth season be about if Jimmy and Gretchen aren’t together? I’m getting ahead of myself, but they’re honestly one of my favorite TV couples. They can’t break up!

The other main couples are having an equally rough time. Lindsay still hasn’t told Paul that she got an abortion and wants a divorce. She’s shocked to learn that the pre-nup she made Paul sign will actually hurt her, as it protects the wealthier partner. She gets angry at Gretchen, telling her, “I had a ticket to 18 years of dough and you let me flush that ticket.” I think we can all agree that Lindsay would have made a horrible mother. Lindsay’s going to have to get a , but she finds a that appeals to her at the wedding.


She meets a stylist whose seems to consist of wearing cool clothes and yelling at people on the phone. The stylist is inexplicably charmed by her, even though she’s using her panties as a pocket square, and offers her a as her assistant. However, Paul insists that Lindsay tell her potential new boss that she’s pregnant. Or as he puts it “with child”, ugh. Lindsay refuses, so Paul takes it upon himself to deliver the news. Lindsay decides then is a good time to tell him that she had an abortion and she’s leaving him. The stylist gets the hell out of there.

Dorothy and Edgar aren’t doing much better, although the fault for this can be shared equally. Dorothy is incredibly jealous that Edgar got a writing comedy. She’s been working at it for ten years, and he took one improv class. But instead of telling Edgar this, she gets very passive-aggressive, drinking champagne straight out of a bottle in a way that screams “look at me” and embarrassing herself in front of comedian Brian Posehn, who laughs at Edgar’s dumb sketch ideas but doesn’t remember meeting her. Edgar could be more sensitive about how his success could affect her, but he’s too oblivious to notice.

Essentially, this episode ends with all three main relationships in the show at their lowest point. We’ll see in next week’s season finale whether or not any of them can be saved. Paul and Lindsay are completely done, but I’m still rooting for Jimmy/Gretchen and Edgar/Dorothy!


Season 3, Episode 11 (S03E11)
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