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You know when you’re fresh off a hot mess and trying to avoid coping with your emotions by pretending like the bad thing never happened? If not, lucky you, but our pal Jimmy starts this week’s episode of YOU’RE THE WORST in denial about Gretchen, believing that he and Gretchen are actually still okay.

Gretchen, fresh off the high of her confrontation with Jimmy, visits Lindsay at work and decides to open up about sleeping with Ty and Boone. Meanwhile, she accompanies Gretchen to Becca’s house to help Gretchen babysit Becca and Vernon’s daughter, Tallulah. Becca and Vernon both appear to struggle with being new parents, using drinking and their podcast as a form of escape and coping. When Jon Cryer cancels on them, Becca and Vernon invite Gretchen to do their podcast with them so they don’t lose sponsorship money. Oh, and Edgar shows up too – like usual.

Jimmy meets with his publisher’s marketing squad, smug af, when he’s met with applause. He’s disappointed and appalled once he realizes the publishing house is actually going to market his book as erotica (equipped with a TERRIBLE cover). Unamused, Jimmy tries to tell his marketing team that his book is literature, not erotica. They invite him to come to a special event that evening, where he’ll have the chance to read his book in front of an audience.

Back with Lindsay, Edgar struggles with finding a partner on his new dating apps. His approach of being nice isn’t working, and listening to Jimmy’s advice of being mean and aggressive isn’t getting him anywhere. Meanwhile, even though she doesn’t say it, Lindsay starts to become attached to her sister’s baby. Down at the podcast, Gretchen struggles to make it through recapping her Jimmy story. Becca eggs Gretchen on, telling her that she deserves better than she got,  planting an idea in Gretchen’s head.

While Jimmy considers skipping out on his book , he opens the cover to his book and reveals that he’s dedicated it to Gretchen (“thank you for being alone with me”). With nothing else to do, Jimmy shows up to the book , trying to fight against the fact this is not the direction he saw himself going into.  He decides to participate in the in front of a bunch of horny women and actually gets into it.

Back at Becca’s house, Lindsay and Gretchen find Becca passed out, her baby on the floor. The entire experience opens up Lindsay’s eyes to being loved and giving love, and the fear that falling too deeply for something/someone leaves you vulnerable to disappointment and hurt. She decides to choose to put everything in her , and never to love again.

Finally, back at home and fresh off of a great , Jimmy is shocked when Gretchen shows up at his house and hops into his bed. Embolden by doing the podcast with Becca, Gretchen tells Jimmy that since she paid money, she deserves to live there and doesn’t have to shack up Lindsay’s couch and sleep on Lindsay’s sex pillows. I’m all for a power play, but this is more of a mistake if you ask me.

Now that everything has seemingly died down from Gretchen and Jimmy’s confrontation, this episode focuses on our characters’ own personal storylines: Jimmy and his book, Gretchen learning to deal with her own work/life relationship, and even Edgar dealing with his dating. Sadly, the only person who hasn’t seemed to move on from last week was Gretchen, which is sad, especially given the fact that last week she was the one that was headed in a healthier direction. Even though I would love for Gretchen to come out on top, painting the town red (in a healthy way) finding a way to get over Jimmy, but in reality, it honestly takes a lot of time and mistakes to fully heal from being ghosted by the man you thought you wanted to be with. Three months is definitely not enough time to recover from a devastating heartbreak, and I have friends who’ve suffered for years over a bad breakup. So while I wanted to be annoyed by the fact that Gretchen’s storyline still revolves around Jimmy, that’s how life is, isn’t it?

I also wanted to shout out where Lindsay’s storyline got to. When Edgar jokingly came on to her only then to reveal that he was just practicing his “moves”, I believe it all added to Lindsay admitting she’s afraid of being vulnerable and getting too close to someone or something. Yes, to me the story came a little bit out of left field, but I actually thought it was powerful.

My final shout out goes to Jimmy’s awesome book , complete with a mini striptease for the attending ladies. Even though I don’t want to like him, I’m a sucker for a man who knows how to work a crowd.

For the most part, I enjoyed this week’s episode. While it took me a moment to get used to the fact that, at least for now, we’ll have to expect to see Gretchen and Jimmy living two separate lives, I didn’t mind learning more about Jimmy’s private life and diving deeper into Lindsay’s own emotions. For the past four episodes, it appeared that we would be spending all of season four seeing our characters separately, living their own lives with a barely connected through story. However, this may be the reason that this episode felt a little bit slower, and didn’t pack as big of an “oh, snap!” punch as it usually does. Luckily, Gretchen and Jimmy’s worlds seem to be reconnecting again (even if forced by Gretchen), and everyone’s individual storyline is interesting enough to bring some funny storytelling.

TB-TV-Grade-BYou’re the Worst airs on Wednesdays at 10PM on FXX
Season 4, Episode 4 (S04E04)

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