Spec Tracker

Tracking spec scripts as they hit the market.

Logline: Poised on the brink of greatness, a fraternity president’s world is turned upside-down when he is named the guardian of his 14-year-old niece and is forced to move her into the frat to live among his screwball brothers. ANIMAL HOUSE meets ABOUT A BOY.

Logline: Follows a group of guys who get in way over their heads when their pro-active idea of helping one of their best friends find “the one that got away” is accidentally put into motion. In the process, a well-intended, yet bold, fake death strategy has the guys scrambling to deal with the “Best Worst Plan Ever”.

Logline: Working as a valet, an ex-con (trying to rehabilitate his life and relationship) is forced to retrieve a case containing a valuable and dangerous substance in order to save his ex-girlfriend’s life. Trouble is, armed men are after it and the case will explode if it gets fifty feet from the hotel.

Logline: A jaded cop helps a malevolent circle of doctors in order to save his son who is need of a heart transplant.

Logline: Against her mother’s wishes, a teenage girl decides to become a criminal like her parents, which forces her mother to pull one last bank job to try to save the girl from a life of crime.

Logline: A small group of correctional officers and inmates who must band together to fend off a mysterious attack when their prison bus is sabotaged on a remote stretch of highway.

Logline: Pitched as being in the vein of “The Expendables,” story of a strike force, comprised of criminals, goes to Hell in order to prevent the End of Days.

Logline: In the vein of “The Magnificent Seven”. Two childhood friends, their lives forever connected by the horrors of their past, scour the mythical old west in search of seven demonic outlaws.

Logline: A biopic that centers on Latino comedian and actor, Cantinflas, who helped usher in a golden era of Mexican filmmaking in the ’40s and ’50s.

After the death of their newborn baby, Lily attempts suicide and is subsequently admitted to a mental health clinic while Jack remains in the “real” world, dealing with his own…