Lee Shipman

Logline: An older man and a young girl, both eugenically created assassins, must go on the run, in a dynamic that may or may not be that of a father and daughter.

Logline: Story follows a masked and caped stranger wielding dual samurai swords searching for the tyrant who slaughtered his family.

Logline: Story follows a reformed space pirate who is thrown back on to the wrong side of the law when his teenage son helps some of his former crewmates and lands them both on a deadly prison colony run by an old enemy.

Logline: Gillian Bellaver is from one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in the world. Robin Sandza’s father, Peter, is one of the United States government’s deadliest assassins. Gillian and Robin are from two different worlds. Outside they have nothing in common. Yet they are spiritual twins, possessors of a horrifying psychic energy that threatens humanity. While dangerous and fanatical men vie for the secrets of their awesome power, Peter Sandza, using all the ruthless skills of his trade, makes a final desperate effort to save them. But Peter himself is possessed–by a fate as implacable and as deadly as the powers of the children he is committed to protect.