The Jason Sudeikis “Fletch” Reboot Switches From Warner Bros. To Relativity Studios


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The Fletch reboot, known as , is back in action with a studio change. The project has switched hands from Warner Bros. to Relativity Studios. Jason Sudeikis was previously announced to star as the title character. The character was previously portrayed by Chevy Chase in the 1985 film Fletch, and in the 1989 sequel Fletch Lives. The film will follow the famous fictional detective that takes on multiple identities to solve his cases.

The character was first created by mystery novel writer Gregory McDonald. The new film is reportedly closer in tone to the novels. The project has been in for many years, with a number of directors and actors attached. Kevin Smith and Zach Braff were once attached to the film. The Chevy Chase film Vacation is also set for an upcoming reboot starring Ed Helms.


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