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Logline: Inspired by the relationship between famed criminal defense attorney and long-time Larry King Live EP .
Cast: ,
Creators:  (Writer / EP), (Writer / CoEP), (EP), (EP), (EP), (EP), (EP), (D)
Studios: ABC Studios , Sony Pictures , The Firm

America loves legal shows (Law & Order, Good Wife, Suits) and media shows (Newsroom, Sports Night, UnREAL), so why not mash the two together? Real life inspirations Geragos and Walker are EPs on this pilot, so it’ll be nice to see how much verisimilitude there is.

Julia is a hard charging news producer not afraid to have sex in her office. Jake is a hard charging, press-loving defense attorney who drives a Porsche. We get the sense early on we have a Maddie Hayes/David Addison situation, except they don’t work together.

They banter and banter and banter. Jake is trying to get his Oscar off. Julia is trying to impress the jerk boss at the station. We get a little behind the scenes of how legal people exploit the media and how media exploits legal people. The pilot ends, unsurprisingly, with Jake asking Julia to breakfast.

In case you didn’t notice, I wrote the name Jake and Julia a lot. The reason is because they are the show. We spend so much time with them. The dialogue in this is fun, the flirting/sexual politics engaging. But there’s just not enough there there. It’s very very hard in today’s television landscape to make a show that is so laser-focused on two individuals. So I like the writing, but this one has some hurdles that might be tough to overcome.

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  1. Something tells me ABC will go with Broken, Presence, Conviction, Time After Time, The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez and, already picked-up, Designated Survivor. Channing Dungey apparently wants to go towards procedurals, so I’m saying pickup 3 producedurals and 3 other series that are more “on brand” with ABC.

    ABC picked up 6 new series last series and it’s safe to assume they’ll pickup 5-6 new series. I just can’t understand in what world (Marvel) ABC would pickup Marvel’s Most Wanted, it has failure written all around. Why not avoid going down that road when all the signs are showing it won’t work?

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