Britt Robertson Stars as Nasty Girl Founder in “Girlboss” Official Trailer (Video)

Tomorrowland star Britt Robertson stars as Sophia Amoruso in Netflix’s coming-of-age series GIRLBOSS, loosely based on the real Amoruso, who founded online retailer Nasty Gal and penned her memoir #GIRLBOSS for which the show is named. The memoir received mixed reviews, billing itself as an aspirational guide for young women as a way to start their businesses, many readers felt that it was actually more critical and ageist towards millennials.

You would never know this feeling from the trailer dropped by Netflix. In it, Robertson (who is the spitting image of a young Carla Gugino) starts her business from home. She’s smart, hard-working, and resilient towards the setbacks that come her way. She cusses people out, doesn’t care if her underwear is showing or her jeans are ripped. Robertson/Amoruso appears to be a real heroine that social media-centric, self-made millennials and their audiences are looking for. Now, let’s just hope the show follows is more like what it sells in the trailer and not in the memoir.

 | TV Editor
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