“Cars 3” Trailer Finds Lightning McQueen Down But Not Out of the Race (VIDEO)


The first teaser trailer for CARS 3 was a bit…depressing. It hinted that the franchise’s hero Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) was headed into some darker times. But with the new trailer, we see that Cars 3 isn’t a downer, but a story of hope and not giving up.

Even though the Cars ride at California Adventure is one of my faves, I’ve never been a huge fan of the movie franchise. It wouldn’t rank high on my Pixar list, but it is on the list. However, the trailer for Cars 3 shows that they are exploring some = themes which can appeal to the adults just as much as kids — which is Pixar’s specialty.

For adults, there’s something very relatable to how McQueen is past his prime. He no longer races and he’s being eclipsed by younger and faster cars. This is clearly something that many older adults go through in any profession. At the same time, the movie seems to explore the theme of resilience and working hard to be the best you can be which is a good lesson for children and adults. That said, Cars 3 may very well be the first Cars movie that I’m excited to watch.

 | Staff Writer
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